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in strategic warfare

A warrior must hear from God. This is required because without this ability to hear from him, one in crisis or caught in an emergency usually does his own thing. As in the rule of military operations, warriors with Mission Order of Battle must receive instructions and command from the Commander. In spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit speaks what Jesus is saying. He relays Jesus' command, telling us what must be known and what must be done. In some cases, an angel is sent by God to give us instructions. These angels with a message from God are messenger angels. But there are also warrior angels under Michael sent out to carry the Mission Order of Battle in the spirit realm as we carry out the command of the Lord in the physical realm.

One time while I was praying in my room, I saw in my spirit a warrior angel with a sword. He stood at a distance, about 3 meters away from me. He did not speak nor did he appear with a physical body but I see him with my spiritual eyes. I can see him in his spiritual form whether my physical eyes were open or shut. I have been seeing angels at different times and places but this time, I noticed that I am feeling a problem with him and this troubled me because that is not usually the feeling I feel when an angel is around. In my spirit. I asked the Lord if he is an impostor or not. Then I saw the angel with sword come near me where I was sitting and he said these words, " I have come with a mission order of battle. This is why you are sensing trouble because this is what you are tasked to pray and wage spiritual warfare for...."

As I was speaking to the congregation in our warfare conference held in Pagadian City in an AG Church, I felt a limping pain on my right foot as if somebody had stepped on it after I felt the presence of a spirit being come near me. I know immediately that this feeling is a prophetic manifestation indicating that there is a wife stepping on her husband's foot. This revelation through feelings is a metaphor of a wife taking the role of her husband that is causing pain in their relationship. Before calling forth the attention of this couple, I urgently felt the need to check if the spirit being I felt is an angel or a deceiving spirit. Then the Lord opened my spiritual eyes to see the angel with a drawn sword touching my right foot that made me limp due to pain. When I told the congregation that there is a couple here who is having problems in their relationship and that the wife is stepping on her husband's foot by taking the role and responsibilities of the husband upon herself. The husband and wife stood up and confessed. The wife repented and asked her husband to forgive her. They were healed and restored.

Do not be impressed by demons

Some deliverance ministers get their knowledge from what the demons are saying and doing. They are impressed by demons, obsessed with demonic manifestations like vomiting, yawning, demon talk, trembling, and all the eerie stuff that they see in their deliverance sessions. When you meet such guys, they look at you with a message that you too must under go deliverance under them.

One deliverance minister was so excited telling me about his encounters with demonized people. At one time, he was asked to set free a very violent person who had to be chained. After praying and fasting for some days, he was able to set the demonized person free. I rejoice with him that his name is written in heaven, not because the demons are subject to him.

But as he was telling me all of his exploits, the Lord spoke to me. He told me that he was grieved that many of his sons are responding only to what is seen by their physical eyes. After the Lord spoke, this deliverance minister asked me, " How about you, what are your encounters? "

As I was about to answer him, I saw in my vision what God was leading me to do in spiritual warfare. I once asked the Lord why he did not want me to join the Intercessors for the Philippines. They are known and well-respected ministers in the Philippines giving seminars and setting people free where various demonic stuff takes place.

The Lord led me to experience another thing. This is going ahead of the devil or demons, stopping him from executing his plans, knowing his next moves and plans, identifying him in his disguises, and locating his whereabouts before he strikes.

So I told that excited deliverance minister what God is teaching me on warfare and deliverance. Even at that moment when I was not prepared to talk about exploits in warfare, the Lord put those word into my mouth so I said, " The Lord enabled me to see demons and principalities before they terrorize and demonize people, before they come in and assault or posses a person or place."

Be in tuned with God

Warriors must always be in tuned with God, not with the devil. The effective war strategy is therefore by revelation. That is why it is very important for warriors to hear from God who gives the battle plan & strategy to defeat the enemy. The purpose for writing the tactics and strategies in this chapter is for warriors to be aware that God has various battle plans, designs and methods. But many are unwritten.

Therefore be warned that any of these strategies must not be used when there is no instruction from the Lord!

MOTTO:No command. No action.