Times & Seasons of Wickedness


Sometime in the early months of 1997, the Lord  brought me into the spiritual dimension of understanding the atmosphere and spiritual times and seasons. My senses became keen particularly on what is taking place in the spirit realm. Though it was not a comfortable experience, the excitement of discovering hidden truths and principles was worth the pain and the defiling inconvenience caused by wickedness in the air. This exploration was not my idea. God led me  into it. And I thank him for his sufficient grace bestowed on me as disobedience and blunders were committed along my trail to the mysterious heavenly places where demons come and go.

Why wickedness has seasons

Seasons of wickedness are not planned by God nor are they the makings of demons; they are the wrong choices of humans. Man opens the door. Wrong choices, wrong decisions, wrong attitudes, wrong responses, wrong behavior, wrong character, wrong language, these open the door to the power of darkness to oppress or depress until it is ripe time to destroy and kill. For the devil can only perform his wickedness to the extent that man allows himself to be deceived.

Demons come when humans open their gates, knowingly or unknowingly. How do humans open their gates? By sinning. Sin open the gates of hell. How do we know that there is sin? When humans violate God’s moral laws in their festivals.


Valentine’s Day
Holy Week
All Saints Day

The Human Plans & Ways

It is only the logos and rhema word of God that can neutralize evil.  It is the only word that counts, that has value in our spirit, that leads and tells us of God's heart, mind, time and ways. Even Christians fall short of this relationship with Jesus. The Christian lifestyle are coated with good intentions and good works but to the eyes of God, they are hay and stubble. They are dead works. The intercessors and the watchmen of the city grieve with God that even men of renown, leaders and  pillars of the Church weary themselves of programs invented by their minds, offering it to God who has not authored it. The intellect has become the subtle idol behind the pulpit. How they honored themselves because of their Berean attitudes. This has caused the loss of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Their sensual approach in testing biblical soundness of issues deprived them from enjoying the ease, joy and  pleasure of listening to the Holy Spirit. Oh yes, the Lord has given us minds that we should use to think, to be sensible. True. But it is only of great value when it is connected to the Holy Spirit, who leads,  who speaks truth.

The Danger of Ignorance

The flood came when people were eating and drinking, giving their sons and daughters into marriages. When the world goes into merriment, pride, arrogance, lust, greed, gluttony, immorality, drunkenness, stealing, dishonesty, fraud, and  deception infest their air. The Church must be keen on this or it's good intentions as gospel carrier joining them in their festivities might fall into the enticement of Jezebel to commit sexual immorality or to  Balak's financial gain on selling and eating food sacrificed to idols thru MLM. The subtlest entry of darkness are in the affairs of " reputable" Christians indulging in christianized commercialism  believing that it is God's provision; worse, as their offering or service to God. This is deception.

Our Edge

With those who have not defiled themselves with women nor eaten food sacrificed to idols, we have the edge over rulers and authorities of evil. We are winners in Christ. But we must stand in the gap for our brothers, who have been  deceived. We must snatch them from the claws of the evil one who enticed them with Balaam's teachings and with the teachings of the Nicolaitans. Let the levites weep in their tents and the Phinehases ready their spears. The plague must be stopped. The moves of darkness are not hidden from our eyes because we see through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. We know their style, their ways, their hit and runs and final defeat. The purpose of these articles is to expose their tactics and strategies, their weaknesses and limitations. In God's Spirit, we discern their presence and works, their wickedness obvious in people. Though there is far greater evil lurking in the second heaven; the creatures that control a wider horizon we must strike dead. By God's grace, we, the Church, who love Jesus more than our lives even to the  point of death, are gaining momentum in our battles against them. With God on our side, we are formidable in Christ. Our weapons are not carnal; they are powerful in putting our enemies under our feet then turn them over to Jesus, our Lord Sabaoth who leads us into our victory.

The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life. Rev. 22:17 NIV. --- Leo Calderon



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