Gates or Doors

Gates or doors are openings on the wall or of an enclosure. These serve as entrances or exits or both. This definition is graphically illustrated by the doors of houses, buildings, and enclosed structures and places. In the physical realm, a door is necessary when there is an enclosure or else, a door has no use in an open area.

Beyond the physical components of gates, doors and enclosures are the metaphysical components existing in individuals, beings and entities such as families, communities, groups, organizations, institutions, church and government. Again, These entities exist in a metaphysical boundary enclosed by mentality, morality, values, culture, beliefs, conviction and personality. To enter their physical or metaphysical domain, one must use their gate or door which may be through a protocol or system instituted by the entity. At the domestic front, a non-family member may enter into a relationship with the family through the son or daughter; in business--- a purchasing manager, a PR person, a letter to the personnel manager, an appointment with the president of the organization, etc., each entity having their own rule, policy or style of entering or exiting their domain.

Gates of a Person

Let us look into the gates or doors of an individual. The enemy gates or doors of demons in an individual are spiritual openings which are spiritually discerned. The making of these furtive openings is best understood when your spirit is familiar with the spirit realm where demons come and go or dwell and reign.

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Leo Calderon

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