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Why are Gates or Doors essential in Warfare?

Gates or doors must be secured. Furtive openings made by the enemy must be located and sealed. When the enemies are encamped at the gate, the gate must be shut. Or when entry is allowed, with full security measures at the gate, the sentry must filter all entries.

What is unnoticeable to many are the furtive openings on the walls made by the enemy. In the spirit realm, the demons also do this. Once they have entered a person's life, they enlarge their foothold. Their objective: drive the person into deception, sin and condemnation until his/her soul is possessed for eternal damnation.

In warfare, healing and deliverance, the devil must be cast out from the self. In a larger scale, he must be out of your spiritual territory. For watchmen, he must be rendered ineffective, powerless, put under Jesus' feet.

Various Gates & Doors

There are various openings. Identifying these openings will also lead to the identity of the demon/s infesting the person. With these data, a warrior can quickly get tactics and strategies from God. Certainly, the infected person will be set free quickly.

1. Childhood Doors

Demons make special efforts to enter and defile a child's life. They enter thru fears, hurts, verbal and physical abuse inflicted by adults and other children around them. Ironically, demons use the child's own family or friends. Hurting parents coming from a bitter childhood produce bitter children. Only by God's grace that exceptions to these common happenings may take place.

Weak Spot: the child is left with an adult infected with a childhood sin or with an older child infected with sin. Assault on the victim usually occurs during the absence of a protective parent or guardian.

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