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We are building this as a generic site to provide a database of smart battle gears, weapons and ammo, tactics and strategies, truths, principles, insights and revelations to overcome the dragon and his bad angels in the endtimes and to put everything under the feet of God, the Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.

This site is best viewed with humility, openness, teachability, and discernment. If some articles conflict with your conviction, understanding, beliefs or  doctrines, please accept our apology. It is not our intent to stir the Body of Christ into arguments, debates or conflicts in any form as these would not unite but divide.

Our intent is to network with believers all over the globe and to impart God-given truths and principles which have been biblically tried, tested and found to be effective in overcoming evil of various kinds. Since the type of believers maintaining this site are called into global warfare as S.I.S. warriors & intercessors in distinct functions, levels, and situations, the articles here are often pointing to this mandate. If you are part of this function in the Kingdom of God, welcome to the S.I.S. ( sensors and immune system) of God's People.

Since the Body of believers is composed of many parts with distinct  functions in different levels of faith and maturity, some articles here might not be suitable for readers under age x of spiritual maturity. But if you are under that age and are signing in for training, welcome to our boot camp, Internet School of Spiritual Warfare (ISSW).

To those who are willing to take the risk in exploring with us  according to the intent of our Lord in making known His manifold wisdom to the rulers of this age, we invite you to browse the pages. Check the folders and articles. Explore with us in the spirit realm and experience God's awesome wisdom on our feelings as a prophetic indicator of situation in the heavens. Understand and be set free from your " thorn in the flesh " by learning about pain & sensations, times & seasons and other articles.

Please feel free to send to us any article, contributions or links along this line. If you are part of the sensors and immune system, let us link together and be a powerful sensor and antibody against evil intruders and invaders.

In our many battles in the Lord, some of the fiercest took place when  the Lord tasked us and our children to engage principalities during the ASEAN Summit for children held in Manila, and in 2000 when Ezekiel, our first born son, was bedridden to symbolize in pain the shattered structure of the Body of Christ. To find out how the Lord saw us through, click Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

God bless.


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modified: 12/05/01 05:38 PM