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God is realigning our weekly Sabbath from Sunday to Saturday
Year 2004 (6000) is the first year of the 7th seven.

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>>AntiErap or Pro?11/11/00
>>1999 Mindanao Warfare Tour
Aussies accept teachings on prophetic feelings
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Message from the Authors
What is global warfare?
Stages of Warfare
2 Kinds of Warriors

Watchmen: The Stage2 Warriors 
S2 Warriors
Sensors & Immune System

Explore The Spirit Realm

Index: Exploring the Spirit Realm
Heaven Must Be Open published 10/25/00
First Heaven: Secure Entry-Points
Second Heaven: Crush Satan, Principalities, demons
Third Heaven: Enter His Throne. Worship the King. 
Times & Seasons
God's Calendar
The Spiritual Anatomy of Man
Signs & Symbols published 10/25/00
FQ Feelings Quotient
GEQ Godly Emotions Quotient published 10/25/00
Prophetic Interpretation of Feelings:This is recommended for watchmen,  intercessors and warriors who also discern by feelings. 
Pain & Sensation
Detecting Source of Pain:This  is for S.I.S warriors whose feelings are their  sensors and their afflictions, the signs and symbols of the spirit realm. If you are not in this category, you are not called to this task. Don't be jealous nor scoff on this,  your calling and task are as important as others in the Body of Christ
Testimonies on Prophetic Feelings
Man's Supernatural Capabilities
Revelations at various levels

Our Enemies In The Spirit Realm

The Anatomy of Demons
Plans, Tactics & Strategies of Satan & his Kingdom
Limits & Limitations of the Dark Kingdom
Destiny of Satan & his Angels
Times & Seasons of Wickedness published 02/23/01
How to Identify & Neutralize Demons
Demons Infesting Summer published 06/07/01
Demons of Drowsiness
Lust Demons
Doors of Demons Ungodly words, coarse joking, negative remarks,  wicked actions, wrong  behavior, bad character, and ungodly  emotions are doors to demons. More of this will soon be featured.
Pornography: A Diabolic Art
New Age
Alternative Medicine
Molech:This demon is behind abortion and Christian population

Tactics & Strategies

Index: Tactics & Strategies
Warrior's Motto
Intercession part 1 published
Strategy in Leading Prayer Groups published 10/31/00
Spiritual Mapping published 5/02/01
Binding & Loosing
Warfare Fasting
Shake Off the Dust published 11/04/00
Role Playing 
Diagnostic Warfare
Spiritual Marksmanship
Warfare Gestures
Warfare Laughter
Speak Truth
Secure Vulnerable Spots
Prophetic Declarations
Commando Tactics
Repentance: Literal & Symbolic published 10/25/00
GEQ The excellent defensive tactic in responding to oppression.
Humility The effective attitude in neutralizing pride and arrogance.
Using Gifts Bearing Fruit
Powerful Technique On How To Study. God has gifted us with unlimited capabillity to absorb mysteries. But only few are enjoying this. If you love God more than your life, you are privileged to see what no eye has seen, no ear has heard,  no mind has conceived.

Armory, Weaponry,
Warfare Equipment & Power Tools 

Some he will assign to be commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and others to plow  his ground and reap his harvest, and still others to make weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. (1 Sam 8:12 NIV)

Armory Index
Armor of God
Communication System: Hearing God's Voice
How to receive the Holy Spirit & His gifts
How to develop spiritual gifts
Using Gifts Bearing Fruit

Discernment: Our built-in sensor to distinguish spirits.
Jealousy: Detector of Unfaithfulness
Humility published 10/26/00
Humility Quotient Test published 12/26/00
Truth: The powerful weapon to put Satan and his demons under our feet.
GEQ Godly Emotions Quotient The formidable defense to the oppression of Satan & his demons.


NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) published 07/11/01
How to Receive Physical Healing
How to Close the Door to Demons
How to Overcome Anxiety
How to Overcome Agitation
published 04/06/2007
How to Uproot Bitterness
published 01/01/01
How to Overcome Dryness
How to Overcome False Accusation & Condemnation
How to Overcome Fear
How to Overcome Irritation & Anger
How to Overcome Lust published 12/12/00
How to Overcome Nightmares
How to Overcome Pain & Sickness
How to Overcome Poverty
How to Overcome Witchcraft


Blameless & Spotless
Sabbath & Festivals of God
New Heaven & New Earth
End Time Notes

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