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Mapping operation in warfare is surveying the war zone to identify, locate, and gather vital information regarding the enemy’s position and situation in order to come up with a strategy to overcome them.

In spiritual warfare, this survey is being done in the spirit realm or also called as the heavenly places or heavenly realms where the battleground is since our enemies are spirit beings. These spirit beings are Satan, his rulers, principalities, territorial spirits and the rank and file demons. They possess lands and territories including the seas and rivers, influence and rule its people in the degree that the people allow them.

Mapping Operation in combat is also meant to wipe out the enemy. Spiritual warfare is an ancient combat engaged by eternal beings through the choices of human beings either serving as pro-God or pro-Satan. Nobody dies in this combat so that the battle rages throughout the ages. Though human beings have eternal spirits, their role in this combat is only during their physical life’s span. God is so patient to father and raise a thousand generation of believers to learn his warfare and become an invulnerable combatant in putting everything under the feet of his Son Jesus. The last generation to combat evil will be an impregnable generation who has not soiled its clothes with filth because of its unquestionable love and obedience to Jesus who leads them to their final conquest of the whole earth.

The beginning of this aged old warfare is seen clearly in the Bible right after Adam and the woman sinned against God and were expelled from the Garden of Eden. It was God who declared war against the ancient serpent, that his head will be crushed by the offspring of Adam and Eve to regain rulership of the earth and its heavens ( Gen 3:15 NIV). Indeed Jesus came to redeem that lost authority of man. He came to set the pace for a qualified generation to move swiftly and effectively in its mandate to dispossess the hierarchy of the ancient serpent over the earth and its heavens. While God is in the business of perfecting his armed forces on earth, the devil is raising his own army of a wicked generation. Their wickedness will be worse than the former. Jesus prophesied that wickedness will increase and will even affect Christians to grow cold in their love of God ( Matt.24:12 NIV).

God is raising better generations to map out evil

Though it is clear in the Bible that there are generations that were more godly and glorious than later generations, this does not cancel the plan and works of God in raising a better generation. God’s patience for his chosen people to grow and become like him is so long that it lasts thousands and thousands of generations. There were generations of God’s people that had to be diminished into a small number known as the remnants. From them will spring up a better and larger generation of God’s people to carry his plan and purpose. There were generations where God’s miracles abound. There were also generations where evil abounds. But the fact remains that in those generations are the firstfruits, a chosen descendants of the last generation who are a better version of God’s own handiwork in portraying love and obedience in their calling and purpose. In Daniel 12: 10 NIV, Gabriel the Arc Angel mentioned this to Daniel, “ Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand. (Dan 12:10 NIV).

The Last Generation for the Final Hour

Vital Truths for Mapping Operation

The mapping operation unceasingly rages in the spiritual war zone throughout the ages. The disobedience and imperfections of the passed generations are weeded out. The next generation equipped with new spiritual genes and hormones are packed with greater energy and power, knowledge and wisdom to continue the God-given mandate of their fathers. There will always be new discoveries and application of vital truths needed for powerful combat in sinking the armada of darkness. There will be new weapons and ammunitions provided by God that are so powerful that it needs only qualified personnel to skillfully handle them. These personnel in God’s armed forces are the firstfruits whose passion for Jesus is to obey him even at the point of death. They are and will be the tested ones who pass the afflictions and pain inflicted by the hierarchy of Satan. They are the trailblazers of God’s revelation, determined to move in obedience to God in spite of terrible rejection and persecution inflicted by their own brethren in the Church Their character and heart draw an accurate picture of who God is.

Mapping out deception on healing and health

Healing has been an ancient weak spot among afflicted Christians, even among those who ministered great healing miracles in their ministries. Most of the time, Christians tend to lust for instant healing and for signs and wonders similar to the healing wonders of magic or sorcery. God’s healing power and his desire to heal must be an unquestionable truth written in our faith but the problem is: sick Christians and those administering healing by faith are subconsciously setting the terms and conditions for God. The inability of some Christians to receive healing for their bodies have drawn them to formulate fallacy in their attempt to understand their failure on receiving healing. It is good to encourage one’s heart when in distress but to use wrong or inaccurate theories about God’s healing character and mind will also bring other sick Christians to the wrong understanding and wrong moves. Some great books were written about the glory of sufferings and afflictions but what was missing is the part where these works of evil must be subdued and eliminated in the life of every Christian. This area on sickness and affliction is one concern for our mapping operation in the spirit realm. The enemy has planted mines and bombs along our path in the war zone. Those moving in powerful healing anointing become victims of incurable disease. They die in their sickness. This must stop. Our improving generation must map out this work of evil in the area of health and healing.

Zeny and I would like to impart the powerful truths and principles on how to receive healing. This process requires faith, holiness, righteousness, obedience and discipline. Using the truths and principles may result in a dramatic or non-dramatic healing. The healing miracles manifested in crusades were results of these principles applied in the lives of those who received healing.

Hearing God’s Voice to receive instructions on Mapping Operations

Mapping out sin: the ultimate goal of the immortal combat

Sin is the door to the hierarchy of Satan to rule and reign. This has been the unending battle of every lifetime. Repeated personal struggles with sin has restricted and belittled the great capacity of many Christians to believe that they can possibly reach the goal of having a sinless life on earth. I have known well meaning brethren in Christ who even thought that it is impossible for human beings to live a holy life on earth. God made it possible for us to be holy. He gave us his Son whose Spirit must indwell in us so that we are not helpless against wickedness on earth. God’s awesome power cannot be matched by the whole camp of darkness. This power is made available for us so that we can obey the Lord who commanded us to be holy and perfect. The command to be holy appears 26 times in 25 verses in the Bible. Peter wrote:

As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: "Be holy, because I am holy." (1 Pet 1:14-16 NIV)

Jesus said:

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Mat 5:48 NIV)

We must therefore map out sin from our lives. To resign from thinking that we will never attain holiness and perfection on earth because of the great temptation surrounding us is a wrong choice and plain unbelief. A Christian full of passion for Jesus will pursue and persist in attaining holiness in Christ. We must be holy and perfect.

Fusion of Heaven & Earth in obeying instruction

When we are obedient, our spirit and body fuses with heaven. This doesn’t need to be a dramatic event where others must be awed by our example. The wicked and perverse generation are looking for signs and wonders so the antichrist and the false Christ will cater to their lust. What must be awesome to Christians is the transforming power that changes us from filthy rags to garment of praise in an instant; when God will remove the sin of our nation in a single day ( Zech.3:9 ). But many are falling for the manifestations that would sweep them to healing and ecstasy for some time during great revival meetings. Yes this is also God’s work for those who are drifting on the river of death like dried wood. They needed that fire from heaven to ignite them and be consumed with passion for Jesus. From there, the anointing must fuel us to obey the Lord towards our destiny. We would not be looking for revivals if our spirits are always burning with his presence and holiness.

This fusion of heaven and earth is necessary to map out evil from the face of the earth. And this is possible through the mapping out of childishness and imperfections in the Bride of Christ. Hurts and resentments abound in Christ’s Body because of wrong attitudes, wrong choices, pride and arrogance, and mistrust that are oppressing many in their relationships. The fear of false teachings in the Church had built a hostile wall against some of the true mentors of biblical truths and principles.

The vicious lie of the kingdom of darkness has built its home in the mind and spirit of many so that these lies are like cancer cells building up to destroy the Body of Christ. Warriors must rise up to discern and map out these lies. If you are one of us in this call for battle, we encourage you to excel in holiness and love, perfecting your character to be Christlike and pursue to map out lies and evil in our midst, particularly in Christ’s Body.

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