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in strategic warfare

No Command No action

A soldier should not engage his enemies according to his own discretion. He should get orders from his commanding officer. In spiritual warfare, the Order of Battle must come from Jesus, the commander of the Church.

Most principles of spiritual warfare are used in Military Science.

Calling & Training

Every believer is called to war when there is threat of enemy intrusion or invasion. But before going to war, one must train. The basics include snappiness and accuracy in obeying orders, order & discipline, handling weapons and ammunitions, combat tactics & war strategies, commitment, loyalty and faithfulness.

There is a call for training in God's army. Some battles fought in the heavenlies add statistics to war casualties. Many did not realize that wars in the heavenlies are not as simple as pulling the trigger of water guns and war games among kids. One who is called to train in God's boot camp will go through different levels of discipline, role, responsibility and accountability.

Every believer is drafted in God's army; no one is exempted. His opponent is the devil and those on the devil's side. But some believers are called to train for high risk missions, a battle fit for tested, disciplined, faithful and tough warriors of the 21st century. These are the GATE WATCHERS, the commandos in God's army or the Gadites and Asherites of the 21st century. Today, we call these warriors as the SIS Team ( Sensors & Immune System) engage in stage 2 warfare. Like the antibodies of the human body, they serve as the armed forces deployed to repel, and destroy intruders and invaders.

Obeying Orders

The Church must be militant in confronting Satan and his army. But some are against this principle. They believe that Jesus already did this when he was on earth so there is no need to do it again. They cite scriptures to prove this but are blind to the Bible reality that Satan and his angels are not yet thrown into the pit. They are still on earth and in the heavens perpetrating wickedness, oppressing many of our brethren and the lost.

We are in a fallen world where our enemies are actively opposing us in the heavenly places. If these believers do not see the need to go to war, it is because they are enjoying peace due to the victory won by warriors who fought in their behalf. They are engage in civilian affairs and are enjoying its benefit but they should not scoff at those called to military service in God's Kingdom.

Order & Discipline

This is more than learning the discipline of performance and action. It is a holistic discipline from inside out. Military service calls for tough discipline because combat may take place in the worst conditions. That is why physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness is required. One who is not fit is not called to war. Fear is contagious so commanders are asked to screen their men.

In high risk combat, warfare commando is effective. Sending the army will only incur heavy loss. This is also true in spiritual warfare. However, not all battles must be fought by commandos. The non-commando soldiers of the air force, navy, and army are equally important because they have their significant roles and responsibilities in the battle.

The soldier of this world is more of a killing machine carrying orders to the letter. The soldier of the Lord is not a killing machine because he cannot kill Satan and his angels who are hostile spirits operating without mercy, grace or battle code of ethics in human wars.

The soldier of the Lord must excel in establishing his contact, relationship, discipline, obedience, understanding, loyalty and faithfulness to Jesus, his commander.

Loyalty & Commitment

Combat fitness and skills can earn you medals of valor but lack of loyalty and commitment could be dangerous. Teams, groups, churches and organizations were destroyed by disloyal comrades. The Judas virus can infect any of the best member of the team. Those who are prone to fail under this attack are comrades who are not loyal and faithful. They become traitors and serve the purposes of the enemy. The Church was not spared of this vicious spirit.

Cause of Disloyalty and Unfaithfulness

One of the tough requirements of a good soldier is dying for his country. In Christendom, it is not dying for your beliefs nor dying for your religion but dying to self. A dead self cannot become disloyal and unfaithful to the Lord nor to his leaders. Many brave and skillful soldiers were excellent in their mission order of battle. Their loyalty and faithfulness can be rated as excellent but only for a period of time, as long as their commanders and comrades are also performing according to their expectations and mind sets.

In the Lord, loyalty and faithfulness is not based on the spirituality of leadership. A soldier of Christ must be loyal and faithful because his loyalty and faithfulness is to Jesus, the head of God's armed forces. Usually when disappointed or hurt, they leave their local Church and shop for a local church that will accommodate their preferences or will serve as their hideout. This should not be. A Christian must grow with his Church. The only legitimate reason to leave our local Church is when God wants us out not because of any fault or problem encountered there. It is Jesus who positions us in strategic locations, this includes the local Church where we must belong because He knows where we should train and gain.

One of the best training ground is where our sins and weaknesses are exposed, where blind and vulnerable spots are identified, where people and living conditions there are uncomfortable to us. Let us remember that a DEAD SELF will excel and overcome any problem or situation. So we should not be led nor be misled by situations but by the COMMAND of our God.