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Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, O Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, O captive Daughter of Zion. (Isa 52:2 NIV)

Quick Relief

I thank the Lord for leading me and my family to explore the power, effect and philosophy of shaking off pain and any uncomfortable feeling oppressing us at certain times at home or elsewhere. The Lord led us to discover this as one powerful strategy in getting rid of demonic oppression and affliction quickly. This is only for temporary relief. Some headaches and physical discomfort that my children, Zeny and I feel would quickly be relieved after shaking them off. However, in some situations, God may lead us to identify the source or root of pain or sensation and engage the enemy intensely. My wife and I have introduced these principles to our children and saw that they can learn them and become effective in warfare. They don’t have to depend on us all the time so we only come to their rescue when they cannot breakthrough.

Read the article Pain and Sensation if you want to know more of my discoveries and understanding on pain. The shake off tactic is to effect relief of pain. We know that in the natural, our body feels pain or uncomfortable feelings when there is an intrusion or external assault of a foreign body. This is also true in the spirit realm. When our spirit touches or is being touched by an oppressive or ungodly spirit, our spirit reacts. It feels pain or an ungodly sensation such as lust which is translated to our physical body. The body feels the pain or lust. On the other hand, we have pleasure when we have touched or are touched by someone or something that is divine, physically and spiritually.

Jesus gave us his profound statement on our responsibility to shake off the dust.

If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town. (Mat 10:14 NIV)

But this command of Jesus must not be taken lightly and negatively. It is not accurate to consider this statement as a form of curse on those who do not welcome us or do not listen to our words. In fact, we should not curse at all as this will devastate our enemies who do not know how to overcome demonic attacks.

What you are shaking off

Shaking off the dust means shaking off the filth, evil, and demonic infestations that might have stuck to your spiritual skin. The disciples were told to shake off the dust when rejected so that the spirit of rejection will not cling to their spirits and oppress them. Imagine a leech that you have to shake off from your skin. Similarly, you shake off rejection, lust, anger, frustration, fear, and any defilement that was picked up in the air. In come cases, you may not know exactly what stuck on you which is oppressing you. It may be a headache, an agitation that makes you nasty and ill tempered, a fast heartbeat or nausea. These feelings may be shaken off to get quick relief.

Its philosophy

But why did Jesus specify the feet as the part of the body to shake off?

S.I.S. warriors who have learned some of the prophetic symbols and their interpretations as they engage in strategic combat against demons will attest that feet are symbolic of travel and places. The disciples had to shake off the dust off their feet so that the spirit of rejection will not go with them as they travel. Aside from its oppressive effect on their personal lives, they won’t carry rejection to infect others wherever they go.

In the heavens and on earth, there is the natural and spiritual law that God instituted. Under this law is the law of purity versus contamination. In the natural, health and science know this very well. In spiritual science, demonic infestation in the atmosphere naturally and spiritually contaminates us. And one process of sanctification is by shaking off the contaminants from our spirit, soul and body.

Sometimes, it is in our warfare praise and dance that we are able to shake off the contaminants from our spirit and body. One time I asked the congregation to dance in the Lord and shake off all filth, pain, affliction, and evil off their spirit, soul and body. After the service, one lady testified that she was having headache but was set free when she shook them off from her head in her dance to the Lord.

Sometimes a child comes home from school with a headache. He is instructed to go out of the house momentarily and shake off the pain, filth and whatever touched his spirit causing headache. Quickly, he obeys, shakes it off, and the pain shortly goes.

The battle scene

Sometimes shaking off is not effective. This indicates that the demonic infestation is too dense to shake off. This demonic oppression can be a large scale manifestation of demons, a work of rulers and principalities or Satan himself. This calls for a focused and intense warfare engagement, to aim a direct hit on the culprit.

Of course we all know that Satan and his bad angels are the adversary. But in stage two (2) warfare, the warrior must identify the rulers or principalities terrorizing the heavenly places and the human symbols and carrier/s who consciously or subconsciously spread the filth in the atmosphere, and the particular source of oppression.

We must be aware that demons can only infest the atmosphere when our gate is open to them. And what opens our gate to them is our sin. Warriors have to identify that sin and get rid of it to seal off the gate to the devil. One of the strategies to close that gate is repentance. The stage2 warrior may apply prophetic repentance and the sinner repents.

Indicator of Victory

Once the source of evil, pain and oppression is identified and subdued, any pain, sensation or feeling that is uncomfortable, oppressive or painful will leave your spirit, soul and body quickly. This is how you would know in the spirit through your feelings that the unseen opponents are subdued. Peace, relief and rest take place.

If you have comments or experiences on this principle, please send it to my email address at leozeny@globalwarfare.org.ph or post it at the Warfare Forum. We are gathering experiences of Christians sensitive to the spirit realm and have confirmed the effectiveness of the principles we are teaching here.----Leo


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