On May 2, 1998,  we sought the word of the Lord for every Church present at the Rule & Reign Prayer Network Gathering. 

God gave a vision of a balloon powered by fire sailing in the air. The balloon is the Church and the  fire is the Holy Spirit. Initially, I was not excited about this vision because I associated the balloon as a slow and low-tech form of transportation. I wish the Church is pictured as a rocket or jet  speeding in the heavens, or maybe as a satellite of the latest technology.

The Lord corrected me. He said, " The balloon  does not signify a slow form of transportation but an instrument for detecting good or bad weather."  

He made us understand that the vision is  about our calling as heaven Watchers and Keepers. The Lord wants us to watch the gates of our cities and nations, detect evil and put them under Jesus' feet. 

The Lord wants us to learn and be responsible  for the heavens over our cities and nations. As we grow and become mature in this task as  Heaven Watchers, our anointing will break the yoke. 

satellite.jpg (3270 bytes)If we are faithful and true, the Lord  will also enlarge our tents. Then like satellites, our coverage will be the whole earth. I covered my mouth and repented.

Since then, when oncoming evil is detected, I  would switch gear and engage the enemy.

There is a call in the last days to enhance this  awareness and responsibility of knowing the situation in the heavenly places and foreseeing the moves of Satan and his dark forces before they strike. In the prayer mandate of Christians, particularly, the  Heaven Watchers, it is to this purpose that this page is dedicated.

Are you a watchman of your city or nation? Is  God leading you into this task of discerning the atmosphere of your community, town, city, province, region or nation? We invite you to join our ranks in putting the Dragon and his  angels under the feet of Jesus.  You may get in touch with me. Send email to leozeny@globalwarfare,org,ph.   


Leo Calderon

modified 10/10/01 12:37 PM.

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