Detecting Source of Pain or Ailment
For stage2 Warriors only
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This process is for stage2 warriors. If you are not sure of this while in pain, pray for healing from the Lord. Use your authority to rebuke pain or sickness from your body. If this is not effective, consult a Christian doctor for treatment. If prayer for healing and medical treatment fail, you are in stage2 warfare. It means that your pain is symbolic. God wants you to pray for the person, tribe or nation that your pain is symbolizing. If you hit your mark, your pain or ailment will go away. Here is a simple guideline to organize your process in dealing with pain.

1. Go to your pain. What does it signify? Ask this from the Holy Spirit. What part of your body is afflicted with pain or ailment?

2. Understand the physiological function of your body parts, particularly that afflicted part. Relate it spiritually.

Example: Itchy eyes. Eyes are used for seeing. Itch connotes desire. So this feeling may symbolize lust of the eye. You have picked up this lust of the eye from the spirit realm. To each one of us, God may allow or activate our sensors to discern a certain radius of spiritual area of responsibility. Whether large or small your spiritual area of responsibility is, it is always wise to begin from where you are. If you are in a room where there are people, scan the individuals one by one. If you have scanned the source person, the itchiness of your eye/s will go away.

Sometimes, even when you are not in the vicinity of the source person, you can sense his spiritual situation through objects he owns or have touched.

3. Scan your territory. Start where you are when you first felt your pain.

Example: When one of our sons came home from school, he complained of a severe headache. I asked him where was he when he first felt the pain on his head. " In school ", he replied. I pried for more details by asking some lead questions:

a. Were you with other people? His reply: I was in class. Our teacher was giving lecture to the class.

Diagnosis: My son might have picked up the pain from his teacher or classmates.

Treatment: For quick relief from his headache, I told him to go outside the house and SHAKE OFF his headache. He did and the pain was gone. Read Shake Off the Dust.

4. Scan the people. Make a list of the people. Though listing their names are not necessary in effective scanning, it will be for orderly and thorough scanning procedure on individuals as possible source pain.

Why individuals are important in identifying the cause of pain:
a. Individuals are openers. They open the gates of the spirit realm within a spiritual territory. Uninten

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