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Many assume that feelings and emotions are the same. They are not.

Emotions are Response Choices

Emotions are chosen response quotient to feelings. Our FQ ( Feelings Quotient ) is the stimulus to our emotions, also known as EQ ( Emotions Quotient ). Emotions are our choices. Any person has the prerogative to emote or not to  emote what he feels, thinks, sees, hears, and smells. And the degree or measure of emoting is also an option.

Since pain or pleasure is emoted according to the choice of the person, it can be emoted according to the  disciplines of God or according to the wickedness of the devil. This is why it also important to know and apply the godly response quotient to pain and sufferings inflicted by the devil in a certain time and  place. We call the godly response to wicked or godly feelings as GEQ , an acronym for Godly Emotions Quotient.

  GEQ Development

It is clear and absolute that God wants us to be pure and holy, loving and kind, gentle and firm in our will and  ways, in silence or in conversation, in oppression or in depression, in war or in peace, in famine or in plenty, in poverty or in prosperity, in sickness or in health.

We usually pray and ask God to make it easy and comfortable for us to go through situations. But God, who sees our need to develop our GEQ, leads us to war paths. First, to subdue our UEQ ( Ungodly Emotions Quotient ). Then subdue the author of UEQ, the devil.

In God’s training module and time table, the GEQ development of individuals are unique in setting and conditions.  This is because of the complex differences of GEQs in individuals. There are individual settings of development and corporate settings of development. Corporate settings  are also subdivided in different groups according to the task and level of development.

Desire To Change

Progress and development are not possible when there is no desire to change. The desire to change must include self  and others. The effectivity quotient of changing others may also be proportionate to the GEQ of Changer. But with God, this won’t limit his unlimited power to change us or change others through us.


Persistence is one ingredient to attain the goal of perfecting our GEQ. Repeated defeats should not stop us from  standing up again and run the race in spite of the  embarrassment or shame brought by UEQ. And this can be a frequent experience under oppressive situations which God lovingly allows.

Let us LEARN to process and develop our wits and determination to subdue our UEQ. This is one reason why God allows  repetition of demonic oppression on us until our “ fatness “ will break the yoke ( Isa. 10:27 NIV ).

The Dynamics of Emotions

You may experience an  extremely oppressive atmosphere in a place, particularly where human beings there have opted to suffer their intense pain, hurting and seething with intense bitterness because of unforgiveness. When in this  situation, your spirit can feel the painful sensation or nerve impulses on your heart. The painful sensation is a spiritual contamination that must be shaken off your spirit. The contamination of anger can make  you angry because you are feeling angry. This is where there is crisis among honest and transparent people. They take pride in their honesty and transparency so they emote what they feel. They emote anger. This  is sin, a wrong choice of emotion which we describe as UEQ.

When we are feeling  angry, we should emote gentleness. This is how to subdue the angry spirits and the angry nerve impulses contaminating our spirit. The presence and power of angry demons may be so strong in a certain radius where  we are but our gentle emotions and behavior is a violent prophetic gesture that will crush the angry demons in the atmosphere and anger in the spirit of humans.

At any oppressive or  depressive situation, time and place, we must choose to emote the 9 fruit of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control ( Gal.5: 22 NIV ). The  fruit of the spirit will shake off the contamination and push back the demons infesting the place or territory.

The measure of DOQ (  Demonic Oppression Quotient )  must be countered primarily with at least an equal measure of GEQ to stabilize response. When the oppression quotient increases, our GEQ must also increase. In figures, we can  illustrate this principle as GEQ=DOQ ; then, GEQ>DOQ; GEQ=1, DOQ=0.

GEQ, Our Offensive Armor

The GEQ is our offensive  armor as we engage evil or when evil assaults us because it does not give in to the contamination of evil spirits infesting the atmosphere ( Prov.15:1). We must aim to respond with increasing measure of GEQ to  every bad feelings. This will not only make us invulnerable to demons' attack ( Prov.15:18). It will also infect other humans to become godly because they will taste our fruit and will want to eat more of our  good fruit (Prov.15:30). Then, after some time, they will get rid of their bad fruit. Because of our good fruit, they will become good trees bearing good fruit, like trees planted on the river bank  (Prov.15:13a). With GEQs filling the atmosphere, peace will subdue anger, love will subdue lust and bitterness, joy will subdue depression, humility will subdue pride and arrogance, patience will subdue  dissension (Prov.15:18 NIV), gentleness will subdue harshness (Prov.15:1 NIV), goodness will subdue badness, faithfulness will subdue doubt, unbelief, laziness and unfaithfulness.

Read Proverbs15.

Leo Calderon


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