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Watchman Sensors & Immune System S2W

Leo Calderon

S2= Stage Two

Watchmen are S2 Warriors.

Elisha & Paul were S2 warriors

Elisha's mentor, Elijah, went to be with the Lord not by death nor sickness. And Elisha saw him at the time when he was about to leave the earth on a chariot of fire (2 Ki 2:11). Elisha could have gone to heaven in like manner or at least not die in any way. But he died in his illness which, as a stage2 warrior, I think, he did not have to (2 Kings 13:14). His illness is symbolic of an intense warfare going on or about to happen in the heavenly places over Israel against the principality of Aram . I am not saying that he died of defeat in spiritual warfare. I perceive that he died in the middle of satanic oppression in the heavenly places which is why he was ill (2 Ki 13:20-24). see Pain & Sensation.

Paul pleaded with God to remove his "thorn in the flesh" but God didn't remove it. Instead he gave grace. God wants Paul to go through the torment, learn to combat and overcome the tormentor. The thorn in the flesh was caused by a messenger of Satan, the tormentor ( 2 Cor.12:7NIV ). When God wants us to go through pain to overcome it, he gives us grace to be gracious while in pain.

Pain must not be considered as coming from God. Our capability to feel pain is a gift from God. It alerts us to confront or deal with the source of pain. Pain, sensation or feeling therefore is considered as an indicator, a barometer or a gauge of discernment when our sensors are activated to pick up the spiritual atmosphere.

Pain or negative feelings are associated with the scheme and/or presence and activity of Satan and his cohorts. So when you are at a certain place and time and feel pain i.e headache, your initial response should not seek immediate relief through drugs nor seek medical help but to activate your gift of discernment in order to identify the culprit and neutralize him.

A sinless person may go through pain as a warrior with a mission to subdue the perpetrators of wickedness in the spirit realms. There are many stage2 warriors like us who go through pain everyday. But no matter how intense the pain maybe, it will quickly leave our spirit and body once the culprit is identified and subdued using God given weapons, tactics and strategies.

Stage2 warriors combat evil spirits not necessarily residing in a person but in the heavenly places. These are Territorial Spirits and Principalities who do not reside in men but rule and terrorize a territory ie. community, town, city, province, region, island, nation. Their oppression can result to untold wickedness, devastation and death of a multitude. To neutralize them, God has raised and mandated S2's to search and destroy them. S2 warriors have that distinct capability to confront and subdue them because of their passion for God and obedience to His voice which are essential qualities in overcoming any obstacle to God's will.

They pursue God's command and remain current like King David who inquires before going to battle. With unwavering determination to do God’s will, their tolerance of pain accelerates to high level. Knowing that pains are basically qualities and manifestations of evil spirits, their reponses and moves are not according to pain but according to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Though this is a difficullt task, S2's, by God's grace, aim for accuracy.

Effective Range of Sensors

S2 warriors sense spirits that S1 warriors couldn't. Because of their calling to combat in S2 warfare, God enables their sensors to be sensitive to the atmosphere where Satan, principalities and territorial spirits and demons lurk. Their discerning radius could detect any spirit on the face of the earth. Their sensors are not limited only within local or national geographic location. We experience this when God activates us to pray against evil that is about to happen or is already happening. God led us to see and develop this capability.Aside from our personal experience on this capability, we saw this happen to our SWS students in their “ discernment activation exercises “. In front of the class, we made various presentations of a folder with different contents one at a time. Hidden were pictures, news articles and items they have to discern. The result was spectacular. Their sensors accurately detected what were hidden. We are teaching truths and principles and the methodology on discernment. And we believe that this skill for extensive use is for S2 warriors and not for everyone. Occassionally though, any believer must know how to discern. It is for their personal use when God allows evil to cross their path. The skill to dicern is for everyone to learn. Since we live in this world of tricks, discernment will be applicable in any relationship, deals and transactions we make with people. It is important to discern the wiles of the devil and the spirit of man. Since discernment is a gift and a skill to harness, it will spare us from falling into the snare of the devil and his cohorts.

In the Philippines, the notorious and widespread activity of deceivers and con men had provided us with a wide range of exposure to human spirits and demons perpetrating their crime. Our discoveries and experiences would provide a good source of information on discernment. We are in the process of building this website as a vitual arsenal for God’s warriors. Though this website is open for all, agents and followers of Satan cannot use these weapons and ammo because their weapons are entirely different. Once they use our weapons, they will be converted and become one of us. Though they can mimic our behavior and appear like God sent ones, our strategies and tactics won’t work for them or for any person, believer or not, who are not right with God.

S2 Warriors make war in signs and symbols

S2 Warriors are prophetic warriors. They can sense schemes of demons before they happen but receive God’s instructions before they strike.

They use their 5 senses in discerning good or evil. They sense wickedness by their feelings so that their pains and ailments are symbolic of wickedness which are not indications for medication or for doctor's advice but for prophetic warfare by targeting the source person, location and evil in the atmosphere where the Lord has deployed them. We have seen extreme pain leaving our spirit and body when we identify the enemy with details such as his/their location, function, time, target, scheme, and victims. Thru our painful encounters with the ruthless demons, God made us realize and understand that the presence of evil spirits makes us uncomfortable. Their presence is picked up by our super sensors and are translated as pain on our body. The digital measure of pain speaks of their identity, function and purpose. Read Pain and Sensation.

Believers called into this stage in warfare may not get complete relief from medication or treatment. If they fail to grasp this function, they will still go to heaven but they won't overcome their tormentors and might remain in their illness until they die.

God is raising stage 2 warriors to battle the dragon and his bad angels in the endtimes. Even if the accuser accuses them day and night, the stage 2 warriors overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony for they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. Rev.12:11 NIV

S2 Mandate


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