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Global Warfare
Insight on Global Warfare
2 Kinds of Warriors
Stages of Warfare 
Watchman Sensors & Immune System S2W

Stages of Warfare

       ranks in combat     

Leo & Zeny Calderon

There are two stages in warfare. Here are some observations:

Stage1 (S1 ) warfare.

Stage2 (S2 ) warfare

Warriors in this stage  confront  demons ruling human beings. Demonic manifestations on the oppressed human being have become a convenient reference of engagement.

Warriors in this stage confront demons  ruling territories. This is warfare in strategic level. The strategic level is a God-given Mission Order of Battle in the spirit realms where the warrior is deployed. The events  surrounding this battle scene are usually low profile. They engage the enemy without disrupting the ongoing physical activities surrounding the spiritual battle scene.

The S1( Stage1 )warrior detects demons by the various  manifestations seen in the behavior of the demonized person such as convulsion, seizure, vomiting, burping, bloodshot eyes, MPD, obnoxious smell, etc.

The S2 ( Stage2 ) warrior does not detect demons by their manifestations. He senses their presence and identity even when there are no physical signs or manifestations. He doesn't need to get information from demons because his source is God who reveals all things to him that he is supposed to know.

The S1 warrior engages the enemy with different methods which are a result of a personal experience. The warrior in this stage tend to repeat his battle tactics in similar situations rather than discover new plans and strategies which the Lord has provided for his armed forces.

The S2 warrior does not stagnate in his knowledge of the Lord's arsenal of firepower which is available for his use. So he updates himself with the Lord's battle plans and harnesses his skills to overcome his enemies in the second and first heavens. 


The S1 warrior is not given strategic mission order of battle. He is not trained and equipped to engage high ranking demons. His level of discipline, fruit and gifts are not sufficient to subdue the extremely oppressive wickedness inflicted by rulers and principalities. But if he/she is willing, teachable, and called to go thru symbolic pains and ailments of war, the Lord will lead him/her to stage2 combat.

The S2 warrior is one who is called, trained and commissioned by the Lord to police the heavens. He is deployed as watchman of the gates and walls of the city. Powerfully equipped with super-sensitive sensors, he can easily discern demons and their rulers when they lurk. When he treads on places terrorized by demons, he can lay siege and possess the stronghold by himself or with a small team of stage2 warriors. His spiritual fatness can break the yoke. He is anointed to deal with principalities because he has reached the level of fruit-bearing character and discipline in extremely oppressive attacks and works of darkness.

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