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Global Warfare Defined

an insight

Leo Calderon

From Genesis to Revelation,  we read something about war. The old testament books recorded physical wars of God's people; the new testament books: spiritual wars.

There is warfare because of  the existence of two kingdoms: God's kingdom and Satan's kingdom. These two kingdoms are existing in the same realm and they cannot agree on their purpose, function and lifestyle. Due to this conflict, there is physical and spiritual warfare. There are skirmishes and showdowns of firepower in the heavenly places. The battleground is the spirit realm. Eph.6:10-12

Why Warfare is Global

It is global because Satan roams the earth (Job 1:7). He has principalities assigned to nations and kingdoms of the earth. Eph.6:10. There are territorial spirits residing on geographic territories such as cities, towns and provinces. There are demons infesting homes, communities, streets, alleys, yards, trees and other specific locations. Demons are also assigned to individuals. All these are the real enemies of God's people, not flesh and blood but demons or evil spirits who do not die nor sleep, who existed since time began and whose wickedness cannot be controlled by human rules of war or peace.

Different Views on Warfare

Some people are not aware of spiritual warfare. Some refuse to believe its reality. Some don't care to know what it is. Some are afraid to go into it. Some want to play safe thinking that by avoiding Satan or any of his demons, they won't be harmed. They are afraid of the devil's attack: the sickness and accidents that may occur to one who engages the devil.

But there are also those who won't let their fear of darkness cripple them. Their blood rises up in battle against evil with no fear. Their blameless and holy lives bring terror to the camp of Satan.They are called and chosen to serve as spiritual warrriors, as the immune system of God's Kingdom on earth, to engage Satan and his demons. These warriors are sensitive to these wicked invaders and intruders at anytime and at any place. They are trained and equipped with sensors to  detect and identify the enemy. Though some are yet to be trained while some are in their training.

But there are those who are not called to serve in warfare but are Spirit-filled, excelling in their God-given tasks. God's people are with different functions and purpose, each one contributing to the glorious victory.

It is in my heart to present a clear understanding on the unique calling and function of the various parts of the Body of Believers rather than highlighting one from the other. Therefore, this article is not trying to tell that warfare is more important or less important. It is only natural for me to speak so much on warfare because this is my line. I see many things thru God's warfare eyes.

Since the Body of Believers is a complex being, some of its parts are not even aware of war going on and if ever they come to think of it, they would shrug it off and say," Jesus the Messiah did it long time ago. He came to set us free by his death  and resurrection. There is no such thing as spiritual warfare in the bible."

This attitude of some of our beloved brethren are understandable. They may have different perceptions on the Scriptures or they have not read them. I would parallel different perceptions on the Body of Believers with the human body, which Paul briefly mentioned in 1 Cor.12:12-31.

The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts ; and though  all its parts are many, they form one body.... We were all baptized by one Spirit into one body---whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free---we were all given the one Spirit to drink. Now the  body is not made up of one part but of many. 1 Cor.12:12-15

The human body is a perfect symbol of the Body of  Believers. The Lord led Zeny and I into studying our body; its various pains and sensations  in different parts and their symbols and prophetic significance. Lately, the Lord led us into understanding the immune system and their symbolic significance in our spiritual journey. The Lord has opened mine & Zeny's eyes to comprehend the mystery hidden from the eyes of the carnal man who is callous on spiritual matters. Even Christians who take pride in their Berian attitude may not easily accept or comprehend the significance of these spiritual matters which should be spiritually discerned. 1 Cor.2:14

City & Nation Watchers

It is God who calls and chooses. This warfare task is for those who are called to pray and wage warfare though in the middle of doing important things. These warriors and intercessors are the sensors & immune system of the Body of Believers.They are called to watch the heavens and intercept invaders and foreigners intruding the  heavens, their territory. The geographic territory of their nation is also their spiritual territory. Their motto, No command, no action, is built in their hearts so that when enemies attack, they  wouldn't panic, wouldn't do their own thing nor react in fear. They would respond according to the Lord's command.

The security of the heavenly places may be the responsibility of global warriors but all Believers should know how to deal with any form of hostility arising in their calling, function, and level of spiritual maturity. All Believers are destined to overcome their personal struggles. Passing this level does not end here. Believers must go up to the next level according to God's call and purpose. Some will go to a higher level of warfare as they are called into the warfront. Others may go to a level where they must excel in certain roles and responsibilities such as worship, evangelism, pastoring, teaching, apostleship, prophetic, administration,  serving, leading, gathering wealth, distributing wealth, politics, arts & entertainment, media, business & commerce, etc.

These Believers who aren't aware of warfare going on may be indifferent to the truth on spiritual warfare due to pride, wrong perception, wrong teachings, and lack of knowledge. Their indifference have caused pain and sorrow among warriors and intercessors yet God allows it. Perhaps to some warriors or intercessors badly hurt by oppression coming from others, this is an unloving thing to experience in the Lord. But in God's loving mind, it serves as a perfect avenue to forgive and love, an avenue for perfection. And this is a loving thing from the Lord.

 The Human Body & the Body of Believers

I have come to that level of understanding the Body of Believers through the human body. The heaven keepers are the cells of the Body of Believers serving as S.I.S.  warriors. They are protecting the Body from invaders and intruders and as the skin which God has built us with to function as a powerful detector to powerfully pick up the oncoming evil before it strikes (see Prophetic Feelings & Godly Emotions  ). God has matched Zeny and I to be one flesh in serving him as learners and trainors on spiritual warfare. As Paul wrote, some are head, eyes, mouth, ears, nose, arms, hands, legs, feet, arms, etc.

War Freaks

A war freak warrior will not last long. God, our commander, corrects his soldiers. It is God who balances us. He risks his own name to choose us to be part of his army to wage warfare in spite of the imperfections he sees in us. He chose us not because we are perfect but because we are to be perfected in the situation where he wants us to be: in his courts and at the battlefront.

We are preparing for Armageddon. Behold! The time has come for us, as a warrior growing up in the courts of the King of kings and Lord of lords, to take upon ourselves the full responsibility of putting the dragon under our feet. We, the family of believers in many denominations, fellowships, ministries, communities and groups worldwide, must shine in the dark and put darkness under our feet.

The time has come for Believers to proclaim this among the nations:

Prepare for war! Rouse the warriors! Let all the fighting men draw near and attack. Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. Let the weakling say, "I am strong!" Come quickly, all you  nations from every side, and assemble there. Joel 3:9-11

This call is heard everywhere in the courts of the Lord. Prayer, intercession, warfare, fasting and prayer gatherings are held regularly. Every believer must pray. Not only prayer groups, intercessors, or prayer warriors, but every lover of God and everyone loved by God.

Yet among those who have committed themselves to prayer, intercession and warfare ministry, their prayer level has gone up to a wider degree and area of responsibility. Yes, every Believer must pray; but not everyone are praying according to the full measure made available by God, to each according to his faith and obedience.

Many respond to prayer but when they knelt down to drink, they were not fit for battle. Gideon's 300 were the best in its class. These endtime fighters have that sensitivity of a satellite, picking up the frequency in the spirit realm so  that when demons stalk, they are identified.

You may not be a part of the 300 finest. But do not be like the men of Succoth. Mockers of Gideon, those who talk at his back have made nasty remarks on warfare and warriors. No hard feelings please. Some warriors may be arrogant; forgive  them. They may not be arrogant but others think they are; forgive them. Christians, mockers or sympathizers, may still go to heaven without having any part in warfare. But one misses the opportunity of seeing simple to great victories won in warfare. Read Revelation. One great deception in church history is complacency. The Lord will vomit him out. The church must grow. She must learn to respect and uphold the other parts of the Body, such as the mouth that releases the sword, the eyes that see good and evil, the brain that thinks or the ears that hear.

Claims that there should be no warfare anymore because Jesus did it long time ago has taunted some warriors. They say that he went to Hades and led the captives out. They say: The fight is finished. We, warriors, would say: pursue and persist until we have put everything under our feet.

My beloved brethren, you, who do not believe in warfare are dear to us because you are our family. But it would be unwise to say to Gideon, " Do you already have the hands of Zeba and Zalmunna in your possession?

Let us excel where God has commanded us to be: in worship, warfare or work.



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