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Watchman Sensors & Immune System S2W

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This term is derived from medical science from the 5 senses of human body that function as sensors: to detect, identify, locate, determine and accept that which is acceptable, or beneficial to the body.

The immune system functions as the force of resistance and as the Armed Forces inside the human body to protect it from the intrusion and invasion of destructive foreign bodies.

What is the significance of S.I.S. in the Body of Believers?

Like the human body, the Body of Believers has many parts with one head. All its parts work together, each with distinct functions. No one is lesser or greater. Every part is important, whether seen or unseen.

Some members are assigned to monitor the unseen world and secure the body. There are 5 senses: the seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling or touch senses. The largest of them all is the skin, feeling sense. Equipped with these sensors, the S.I.S.warriors detect, identify, and locate the enemy. Like the immune system, the S.I.S warriors serve as the special weapons and tactics force of resistance to protect the Body of Believers from the intrusion and invasion of the dragon and his bad angels.

The immune system is a team of warriors with distinct functions and roles as a fierce security force in the body. Their defence expertise is in idenfying and eliminating intruders, invaders, and wicked agents.

There are also LEUCOCYTES or WHITE BLOOD CELLS in the Body. 2 categories of the leucocytes are : (1) the PHAGOCYTES, including the (a) neutrophil polymorphs (b) monocytes (c) macrophages; and (2) LYMPHOCYTES.

The PHAGOCYTE WARRIORS engulf the enemy, internalize them and destroy them. They are strategically positioned in the body. Under the PHAGOCYTES are the MONOCYTE warriors that are produced in the bone marrow, in spiritual sense, the cave hibernation. The MONOCYTES that excel and graduate from the blood become the tissues.

The Leucocytes produce NK ( Natural Killer ) WARRIORS. The NK Cells are sharp discerners who bind their target and kill them. The Macrophages are the engineering brigade in the Armed Forces who clears the area of war debris.


The ANTIBODY GENERATORS are the receptors and sensors of warriors which recognize the various forms and presence of rulers and demons in the heavenly places. These ANTIGENS connect the Phagocyte and Lymphocyte Warriors to the unseen and unrecognized enemy.

More of this topic will be featured soon.

For it is written: His intent was that now, through the believers, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms (Eph 3:10 NIV). It is by this intent that S.I.S is significant.

What are the qualifications of S.I.S warriors

As it is written, they must be overcomers by the blood of the Lamb, word of their testimony, and death to self for they do not love their lives so much as to shrink from death ( Rev.12:11).

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