How to receive
the Holy Spirit & his gifts

Leo  Calderon

  1. Be born-again.
  2. One who is born into the Kingdom of God must be transformed from glory to glory. A godly passion to pursue spiritual treasures emerges and increases to the fullness of Christ. Flames must keep on burning. Disciplines of truth and principles of God must become a lifestyle.

    One who encounters pain thru oppression inflicted by evil through people, situations, and environment and chooses to breakthrough in the Lord is chosen to take great responsibilities in God's kingdom. Spiritual growth is a process  similar to physical growth. Our parents bring us up to maturity, so does our Father in heaven. He deals with us according to his love and discipline. He gives us what we need but removes from us the things that hinders us from  maturing. That is why he does not give all the things we ask of him when it does not make us grow to maturity.

  3. Tune-in  to the Holy Spirit.
Let your mind, heart and being switch to the spirit realm by focusing them to the Lord. This can be done by closing your eyes while praying your desire to enter God's presence. This desire must be born out of love of God. Curiosity or a wait-and-see attitude will not work. Entering God's Throne Room is a holy experience where faith, not positive thinking, operates.

The spiritual atmoshere must be conducive for the Baptism of Fire, outpouring and activation of spiritual gifts.

  • You must see and understand the heavenly places. Read Heaven  must be opened.
  • It is recommended that a Spirit-filled-mature Christian, preferably a Mnister, minister to you in the receiving of these gifts. However, this guideline should not limit a Christian ready to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit when there is no Minister available. The benefit of having a mentor is that it quickens learning how to use spiritual gifts properly. Yes, one can discover the proper usage of gifts without any teacher but this situation is applicable only when there is no one available in your local church. You must humble yourself by going to your leaders and tell them you want to receive spiritual gifts.
  • If you belong to a church that does not believe in these gifts, receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts by yourself. Go to a place where you can be alone with God. Let Him minister to you in his presence.
  • Seeking God is not " passive waiting " on God to reveal himself. Seeking is a dynamic desire and waiting that deals with the obstacles of finding the place and  person. Since God is in Spirit and in truth, one who seeks God must be in Spirit and in truth.
  • God does not appear to our intellectual eyes. Active waiting on the presence of God is a process that may involve the following:
    • Unloading your intellectual garbage.
    • Stripping your self of pride, unbelief, lust, anger and all sins that defiled you.
    • Deleting files of lies and deceptions by speaking truth and declaring them to your spirit  and to the heavenly places.
    • Refreshing your covenant of love with God.
    • Loving God with all of your spirit, soul and body.
    • Expressing your heart desires, declaring your praises and worship to God.
    • Listening and talking to God.


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