The Spiritual Anatomy of Man

Leo Calderon

Man has senses to detect the physical and spirit realm

This is a radical statement I have to say. The physical and spiritual realm are in the same sphere. Since man is a spirit with body, not body with spirit, he must be able to distinguish the spirit beings in the spirit realm as he is able to detect physical beings. He can do  this if he sharpens his spirit. Science has discovered and we have accepted that we have 5 senses. A sixth sense is introduced by psychics as extra sensory perception (ESP). The study on this is not close to the things I have discovered in the Lord. The ESP theory is based on observation and conclusions from unbiblical mind of scientists and researchers. The effort to  translate spiritual phenomena into scientific facts can not get close to the real facts, philosophy and understanding because they are working outside of the Bible; outside of truth.  Obviously, they do not have the Spirit of God who teaches truth.(1 Cor 2:14)

Indeed they experience phenomena in the spirit world but they will only attribute this according to their human level of understanding the unseen because of their lack of relationship and intimacy with God who created the earth and the heavens. To us Christians, we have the facts both in the physical and spirit realm.

I have come to that understanding that both the physical and spirit realm are not two different worlds but are one. What happens in the spirit realm manifests in the physical. What is seen in the physical is happening in the spirit realm. It is therefore easy to conclude  that what our physical body has in its ability to sense is also true with our spirit. Our physical body has the following senses and also our human spirit:

  • | 1| seeing | 2 |hearing | 3 |smelling | 4 |tasting | 5 |feeling or touching |
Man is spirit with a body

It is therefore not acceptable to me to say that ESP is our sixth sense because it is our spirit that sees, hears, smells, tastes, and feels the spirit realm. Our spirit is the being that separates from our physical body when it dies. Some  Christian say that man is a bipart being; some tripart. The Bible does not have a direct statement on this but it can be read in 2 Thessalonians 5:23 that our spirit, soul and body must be kept blameless. Paul's statement shows that man is tripart being.

The theory on the tripart man is acceptable to me. The  following is a diagram to present a clear understanding of man's behavior physically and spiritually.

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