Seven Annual Sabbaths of God

Year 2007 ■ 5767


March 20

New Year

Apr.3 - 9

Unleavened Bread

May 23

Feast of Pentecost


Yom Teruah
Feast of Trumpets


Yom Kippur
Day of Atonement

Sept.27 - Oct.3

Feast of Tabernacles


Last Great Day

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SINCE 03 APR 2007

Everyday we must be holy. Everyday we must worship God and honor him wherever we are. But it is not everyday that we must gather as one body in a certain place of assembly such as a church building or in a big  auditorium or in a small quiet place of fellowship.

God has appointed times and seasons, days and weeks for us to celebrate and gather corporately according to his purpose and  terms.

However throughout the centuries, the Kingdom of deception tried to change God’s appointed times and seasons. It tried to lure believers into believing that all these appointed days and weeks are of no value anymore. That somehow the Church has matured to have a sense of holiness and worship everyday and anywhere; assuming that God values the six days as equally significant as the seventh day.

To many honest-to-goodness Born-again Christians, all these issues seem trivial and less important than love and grace. These two magic words are poured out as cold water to doused off the fire of obeying laws, commandments and commands of God. Their crusaders labelled law abiding believers as legalistic, unloving, traditional, Jewish, going back to works of salvation rather than salvation by God's grace. These words became a standout in the 21st century with unlimitless applications in liberating believers from ceremonies, structures, form and discipline.

Grace, such an abused word among my fellow lovers of God. It became an agent to free us from consequences of wrongdoings and sin. It became as a humility jargon by those appreciated and honored for good works.