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If you have prophecies, insights, revelations, discernment of the times and seasons, messages and news updates, you may post them at the Warfare Forum.
If you have prophecies, insights, revelations, discernment of the times and seasons, messages and news updates, you may post them at the Warfare Forum.


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Some he will assign tbe commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and others to plow his ground and reap his harvest, and still others to make weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. (1 Sam 8:12 NIV)

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date: April 1999

Mindanao Warfare Tour

While the Lord hid Rule & Reign from the serpent's attack in 1997-1998, Leo Jadormio blazed the Mindanao trail ministering in the truth & principles learned at SWII Batch 5.

Revival,  healing and deliverance from demonic oppression stirred Mindanao to hunger for more of God, so Leo J. brought the team to teach SWICTS.

On  April 1, the Calderons and Sanglaps boarded Superferry9 for Mindanao. The San  Agustins followed shortly; the Lazartes stayed to wait for Kairos.

The  boat trip was a time of storing energy in preparation for a great battle that  was waiting ashore. Spirits of rejection were poised to block our path. With 22 people to accommodate, our hosts were unprepared to take us. The conspiracy of  interruptions in communication and coordination tested cultural hospitality as well as the team's mandate to minister as a family. Finance, luggage, and children were no problem. Declared: It is a privilege to serve our God, expense  paid or not.

The warm enthusiasm at this truth won over the cold shoulder and God worked marvelously in warmed hearts. Soon they began to see children were  indeed a blessing rather than a burden. Child nihilism, an influence of the  pagan god Molech may yet be defeated, even as it creeped into the Church when many began to limit children in families by artificial birth control. God is  sovereign. He is sufficient. He looks after his own

Pagadian  City

When our host, because of a death in the family, was ill-prepared to accommodate us,  God was there. In the heart of the city at the 2nd floor of a commercial building was a mother's provision for a homecoming daughter. Furnished by Zeny's family, it became the mission team's base in Pagadian. The Conference on Spiritual Warfare in Commando  Tactics and Strategies was a new thing to our host church, Assembly of God. Even the death in Pastor Ronnie's family, symbolic of the old going and the new coming, lost its sting and frustrated the devil's plan to frustrate God's people. Prophetically stirred, experiencing healing and deliverance and manifestations of the Holy Spirit, many hungered for more of God and desired to pursue him. Lives were  changed. God is good.

Ozamis  City

The Happy Church, the biggest church we've served so far with over 500 workers and  6000 members, welcomed the team to hold a 3day SWICTS conference that 300 workers attended. Again, initially prepared to host only 7, they were flexibly enabled to provide for thrice the number. When the team was simply grateful for doors opened to minister, God moved in our behalf.

As S.I.S (Sensors & Immune System) warriors, we saw that inspite of intense and constant prayers, heaven may still not open when doors were opened to wicked spirits by ungodly attitudes, resentments,  bitterness, and lust defiling relationships. By this time, God was leading us on another level of discernment by role playing within the team. Surely the Lord  does nothing without revealing it to his servants, the prophets. Role playing situations can be awkward and unpleasant, but by God's grace, the team quickly caught on, moving in the proper responses of humilityrepentance, and reconciliation, in the behalf of the people to be ministered to.  Consequently, those who attended were healed, set free, refired and revived in the Lord. We give the glory to God.

Cagayan de Oro City

This is a bigger city but the Lord led us not to the big churches nor to air conditioned  lodgings planned by men but to a church that God wanted to heal. Our accommodation underlined to us that godliness with contentment is great gain. In a small parsonage under construction,  it became fun sleeping on the floor like canned sardines, to the music of heavy rain beating on tin roof, the versatility of human curtain for doorless TB's, the

ingenuity of our team cooks to keep food flowing at all cost, low or high. The spirit God infused in us was imparted for the church which hosted us was about to die. Now she is alive. Glory to God!

Davao City

Tucked away in a depressed section of this big city is Sin Kuang church. Glowing metal roofing on white masonry, it was mute testimony of foreign aid that needed the transforming power of Christ, the power of the gospel to smooth out the incongruence of such an edifice among indifferent folks. Many young people attended the conference, many new, some older in  the Lord. Teachings on discipline, basic truths on the Father heart of God, principles on prayer, intercession & warfare led many to their healing as they accepted the Lord,  forgave their parents, and allowed God to recharge them with His truth. God is doing many mighty things in that small Korean church.


The enthusiasm of ' 98 was scarcely seen in the faces that greeted our advance party of 4: Leo J, Carol , Leo and Zeny. Planned 6 months earlier, dates had been set, together with logistics. A miscommunication altered plans of some  people leading to conflicts in schedule. Many could not come. Sounds familiar by this time. We had reserved Digos for last in this Mindanao tour. We sensed God was doing a mighty thing here. So pursue and persist seemed to be our April slogan. We decided: We'll come even for only one. Two signed up, Carol and Judith. Their gesture  opened miracles.Many came with their families. The venue problem unsettled for months was solved in 2 days. Our 5 day stay on that sprawling bungalow perfectly providing training opportunities at community living proved to be fun time. Group and individual experiences in the spiritual gifts were often a practicum in  discerning spirits in the atmosphere. On Day 5, four squads deployed in different locations engaged in actual combat in the heavenly places. The banner of Jesus was  raised over Digos. Hail Lord Sabaoth! These new SWICTS graduates are now fast becoming part of the S.I.S. of the Body of Christ.

On May 3, twenty of us flew home on wings of faith for indeed God exceeded our  expectations of Him. We may try to walk on water. The world tells: Fly now, pay later. But God says: Fly now, pay now. Great God, isn't He? -----Leo & Zeny Calderon


Pastor Leo &  Zeny,

Hello! ......If you can recall, my mother, Grace, and I had a short conversation with you at The Assembly of God Church, here in Pagadian City.

Your coming here touched my life, and undoubtedly the lives of many others. I thought that the ( Warfare ) seminar would be boring, and I didn't expect it to have such an impact on our lives. And the touch of God has stayed even if you’re gone. I thank God for you.  It was by no mistake that you came here. I believe that you came here because  God loves the Pagadianons so much!! I thank God for your lives as well as for the lives of your children. God bless you.

I hope that we can keep in touch. Thanks.



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