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If you have prophecies, insights, revelations, discernment of the times and seasons, messages and news updates, you may post them at the Warfare Forum.
If you have prophecies, insights, revelations, discernment of the times and seasons, messages and news updates, you may post them at the Warfare Forum.


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Prayer Strategy


During this time & season that the Philippines is rocked by a public uproar for Erap’s resignation after the jueteng expose by Gov. Chavit Singson, prayers released in the heavenly places must hit their mark. This strategy is based on biblical principles to which I attest as effective.

Whether praying alone, by 2s, 3s, or in groups, small or great, young or old, here is a prayer strategy that any Christian can use:

1. Prayer of Repentance. This is the door to authority in the heavenly places. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective ( James 5:16 ). If anyone is not right before God, he/she must repent and restitute. There are common areas of sin in the Church and this is a common situation among God’s people for centuries. They are:

* Hurts & Bitterness. This sin is so common that it is ignored and shelved most of the time. Let the Holy Spirit expose them to you and repent. Forgive those who hurt you and also ask for forgiveness from those you have hurt, knowingly and unknowingly. I suggest that in groups, ask publicly if someone had been hurt by you. Make public confessions asking for forgiveness and forgiving one another.

* Lust. This is an embarrassing sin yet so common to all. The leader of the prayer group can facilitate repentance of this sin discreetly by asking everyone to close their eyes. The leader then enumerates the kinds of lust and asks those who have sinned to raise their hands quickly. The importance of a public confession is to develop humility through openness and honesty. And this is also to expose the deeds of darkness, serving as a warning to others. The honesty and humility to confess publicly will also catalyze other sinners to come out and repent.

* Gambling. Buying TO WIN raffle promo is also gambling. But buying needed commodities with raffle promo is not wrong. Buying sweepstakes and lotto tickets and similar numbers games is regarded as gambling. One who is guilty of this sin does not have the authority to combat demons of gambling in the Philippines. Repent if you are guilty of this sin then sin no more.

* Sin of Omission. This is one of the most ignored sins. This may be a result of laziness or lack of discipline and lack of knowledge. Some Christians are good in groups, teams and community living submitting to leadership and observing rules and regulations. But when left alone where there are no imposed rules and restrictions, their self discipline and godliness drops. Repent of this sin.

* Blaming and Ungrateful. The right to self preservation and the right to be served are a snare at times, it drags one to murmur and blame. The joy of the Lord is our strength. This is a powerful principle to apply when situations are not comfortable nor convenient. One has to rise up above distress by switching to gratitude and thanksgiving to God.

2. Prayer of Thanksgiving. This prayer attitude leads to worship. It opens your spirit to see the goodness of God, what he has done and what he is going to do. It opens your eyes to see how much he loves and cares for you.

3. Worship. This is a powerful time & moment of holiness and purity. Be soaked in God’s presence and enjoy his love and intimacy.

Intercede. This is 1st & 3rd heaven experience. In the 1st heaven, you see people and pray for them. If you are praying for people who need God’s love and forgiveness, God may fill you with love and compassion. Your spirit will experience brokenness and deep groaning of repentance and forgiveness.

In some cases, you may be filled with the knowledge of God’s will for them. So you may find yourself declaring scriptures and revelations to their lives, environment, current situation and future.

Wage warfare. The Holy Spirit may ignite you to a mighty war cry of the Lion of Judah or to a silent authority establishing truths in the air, securing the gates and walls of cities and nations. Rhema and logos truths are unleashed on the 2nd heaven where principalities and rulers hold tribes, nations and kingdoms captives. The Holy Spirit reveals the logos & rhema word of God coming out of the mouth of the warrior.

Yes you can be soft or loud in warfare. Your authority is not in the volume of your voice. Only when the Spirit of God burns within you with a battle cry will your voice sound like thunder. In places or with groups alien to this manner, the Lord may want you to wage battle silently, like commandos hitting the guards of the enemy’s camp at night.

Consider guarding our gates. Speak to our gates to open for wealth, treasure, and financial blessings to flow. The curses, evil schemes and ways of our Filipino people bitter enough to pressure Erap to resign is opening our gates to the invasion of evil spirits. rulers and principalities. Our spiritual warfare must suppress, subdue, and completely neutralize the influence and powers of darkness upon our nation.

Pray against rebellion and bitterness. Whether Erap resigns or not, our nation must not dwell on bitterness and rebellion. Christians must be on prayer alert to guard the gates and walls of our nation.

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created 07/12/01
Updated 07/27/01 02:14 PM