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If you have prophecies, insights, revelations, discernment of the times and seasons, messages and news updates, you may post them at the Warfare Forum.
If you have prophecies, insights, revelations, discernment of the times and seasons, messages and news updates, you may post them at the Warfare Forum.


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Some he will assign tbe commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and others to plow his ground and reap his harvest, and still others to make weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. (1 Sam 8:12 NIV)

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date: 2000

In the Philippines...

Hostility has built up between Churches and Body Ministries particularly in Metro Manila. Plans to invite to a gathering Christians from  local Churches and denominations were blocked by one of the biggest local Churches in the Philippines.  An alarm rings loudly still. Some shepherds are frantic in their bid to protect their flock from wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The Irony of it all is that the same orgainzation is known to bring to unity different Christian ministries nationwide.  The seminars and conferences they organized were attended by thousands of believers who believed in their prophetic call to unity in the Body of Christ regardless of denomination, or local Church doctrine or beliefs, as long as Jesus is glorified.

In the 90s when the prophetic move of God was at its peak, many recognized and self proclaimed prophets boldly came to the fore and made exploits. Sadly though, among their prophecies and miracles were inaccuracies magnified by staunch critics in the Church to discredit the whole prophetic move. One of the prophetic blunders that perhaps dismayed a large portion of the Body of Christ in the Philippines was the PJM proclamation and support of their chosen political candidate for the 1998 presidential elections. Consequently, some sectors made a stand not to allow any prophetic minister in their territory. Even prophetic ministers who ministered in signs and wonders went back inside their walls leaving behind the prospect of reaching out to the Body. They had to abide by policies restricting    ministering with their prophetic gifts.

The devil was gaining momentum in silencing the prophets in the Philippines. The apparent discord among the prophetic people was appalling. Prophets critcized fellow prophets. In the late 90s, the attack on prophecies and revelation became intense. Some prophetic ministers and teams were banned from conducting seminars, conferences and teachings in the Body of Christ. Letters and memos were disseminated to warn Christians from attending gatherings conducted by a particular group. Prophetic ministers were banning one another, and hurting too.  

There were moves to unite these ministers. At least hundreds of thousands of pesos were spent to invite renowned ministers from abroad to bring healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration. Prophets like Bill Hamon were invited by PJM to minister to the Body of Christ. Repentance and reconciliation were gestured in those meetings. Ed Silvoso came to minister healing and unity as part of the prayer evangelism for Taking our Cities for Christ. In 2000, Prophet Jonathan David of Malaysia, a faithfull supporter of the camp of Solomon Ocampo, came to strengthen a segment of prophetic people and tell them of the apostolic strategies affecting nations. He did not fail to mention the need to forgive, heal, love, and to move on.

The prophetic anointing and move of God did not die. It only diminished and became low profile. Today, there are some places where it is still strong. And where it is strong, there also is strong opposition.

Indeed some prophets in the Philippines are in caves hybernating.  But some were not able to progress to deeper prophetic intimacy with Jesus. The oppressive realm demanded a demonstration of love and of the fruit of the Spirit. The disenchantment and hurts over the  tarnished image of the prophets among Christians is widespread. Dealing with this calls for wisdom and care.

Among the wounded prophetic people are intercessors and prayer warriors whose pain has driven them to withdraw from the battlefield with other warriors. Criticized for serving as political tool for soliciting support, prayer gatherings are seldom called for. The huge prayer gatherings of the 90’s are heard no more.

The nation is forsaken by the gate watchers and gate keepers. The Body of Christ in the Philippines still aches. The integrity of leaders had decreased. Ministers fall into sin. Bitterness, lust and immorality are eating many of our brethren. There are no more prophets to warn, to correct and to prophecy. Nobody believes them, even prophet to prophet.

Where are those prophets who did not bow down to Baal?

Though many indeed have fallen, even those considered to be strong and invulnerable, in the heart of Jesus are those who connect with him inspite of the stones hurled at them. Warriors continue to clash with the powers of darkness. Numbers do not matter to them because their company are eternal beings that move swiftly as lightning. 

The Body of Christ is quiet at this time, a precious moment to reenginner its foundation and basic structural components in Jesus to make us strong for the coming move of God that is with a fiercer storm and earthquake. 

-------Leo Calderon

created 07/12/01
Updated 07/27/01 02:14 PM