July 11, 2001


* Narcissistic Personality Disorder

We thank Eddie deVeaux Jr. for the information and links to NPD sites. We believe that this information is beneficial for  NPD victims and their families, warriors, intercessors and ministers. To have sufficient knowledge on how demons intrude and incite NPD on people is vital for victory in spiritual warfare. Our tactics and strategies in overcoming the perpetrators must come from the Lord. By hearing his voice, we shall know what to do in the battle field. Eddie wrote:

I would like to share with you my personal experience with loving and living with someone who has both bi-polar disease and narcissistic personality disorder.
I don't know how much your prayer partners are aware of these insidious maladies, but, if there is a real devil, I truly believe he is accomplishing the majority of his demonic work through people who have these afflictions. 
People with these diseases will harm anyone they come in  contact with (this includes their entire families - this is one of the main ways  that the mental contagion is spread). The most notable aspect of these maladies is that the person having it is totally lacking empathy during and after harming  their "victims", even a family member (this includes children of any age).  

The primary cause of how this is created, according to what I have  read, is sexual, physical, and emotional abuse which starts very early in life against the person who is later diagnosed with these afflictions. Through their negative interactions with others, the disease is spread. It is even worse when it affects any children they may have.
Getting them to accept and obey  the word of God seems impossible, even when the individual claims to believe in  God (pathological lying is prevalent with persons diagnosed with, or having  these diseases). It took me years of hearbreak and heartache before I finally  understood why none of my efforts to love, reassure, and set a Godly example for my wife helped to  improve our marriage.

More information needs to be made available to everyone about this. I believe this problem is at the front line of our spiritual war against the devil and people afflicted with demonic thoughts and actions.

I am sure that these mental states have a correlation to many physical ills. You can click on any of the links below for more info: 


Narcissistic Personality Disorder
online conference transcript

Open Directory Project

I am still in the midst of my trial in dealing with this problem. It has caused me to stumble many, many times, but thanks to the grace and goodness of God and Prayer Warriors. I am still standing and looking forward to the day when my joy,  happiness and the fullfillment of God's promises are returned to me.

Thanks for your time and I hope this will help someone. God Bless you for the good work you are doing.


Eddie deVeaux  Jr.


Fear of False Prophets & Teachers. Satan’s hierarchy is all out to  prevent the true prophets and teachers from teaching truths. His strategy? He puts fear on the Church. Fearful shepherds are placing red tape on their doors..... 

The spiritual structure of the Church is weak. This was symbolized by Ezekiel. Read the Book of Ezekiel but also read Zeny’s revelation from God when our son Ezekiel went thru the same affliction as the prophet Ezekiel. Click Ezekiel, A Sign & A Symbol. posted 07/27/01


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