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The Spiritual Anatomy of Man

Leo & Zeny Calderon

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The human spirit

Diag.1 is capable of sensing God, other spirit beings such as angels, Satan, evil spirits, human spirits, visions, dreams, and any activity in the spirit realm.  The human spirit sees, feels, smells, hears and tastes them but it is common that many sensitive people do not yet understand their  experiences in the spirit realm. The slow pace in developing and understanding these capabilities is caused by fear and resistance of some sectors of Christianity who shun spiritual  phenomena; or worse, they label this subject as occultic or satanic.

The capability of our spirit to move in signs and wonders is  tremendous; unthinkable yet possible. Our spirit is the being that is so close to our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It fellowships with God for 24 hours even when our soul and body  is indulging on physical matters. Our spirit does not sleep; our body does. This is the reason why even in sleep, our spirit wages warfare against evil forces, or roams to places we have  not been before, including the heavens where angels and demons tread, or gets into a situation with people in the past, current or future environment. I experience this situation from  time to time. Sometimes I find myself praying in tongues in my sleep particularly when the atmosphere is defiled and infested with evil. The Christian who is actively praying when awake also  actively prays when asleep. The Christian who seldom prays when awake finds it difficult to pray when asleep. The prayerless Christian struggles when oppression lurks in his sleep.

The human spirit must be exercised in taking lead of all godly  affairs, physical and spiritual. This is why Paul said, " Pray without ceasing ".(1 Th 5:17 NIV). Some cannot appreciate the  discipline of unceasing prayer because of their spirit being dulled and subdued by their soul and body. The joy and pleasure of praying is simply likened to a father and son  relationship where they communicate and relate their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and activities together with a personal touch. The inquisitive child gets to know more of the father  because the father won't withhold knowledge from the son. Soulish prayers tend to be formal and scripted , as if under the  spell of a mindset rather than a spirit to Spirit relationship with God. I have received much from my asking relationship with God. I receive insights because I inquire. I pursue God particularly when darkness seems to prevail, with that determination to get hold of the hem of Jesus' garments. And the pursuit is rewarded just like the pursuit of that bleeding  woman in the crowd.. A person who loves Jesus pursues his presence and will, then works of miracle are manifested through him. I must continually condition my FREE WILL to choose the  WILL OF GOD so that awake or asleep, my spirit is conditioned to do the will of God. Since my spirit is in charge, he will make  my soul and body think and do the will of God. This is easily possible because my spirit is subject to the Spirit of God.

Diag. 2 is the structure of a slow learner on spiritual matters. He uses his reasons in perceiving  spiritual matters. It is impossible to use reasons to process a spiritual phenomena particularly when these phenomena are new truths encountered. The mind  can only process truths, facts, observations and realities which have been stored in its system; these we call stored data or file.

The stored data cannot process entirely different new data.  This is the limitation of the soul. Intellectual Christians operating with their soul on spiritual matters tend to be settlers on explained truths and can hardly join the bandwagon of  discoverers and explorers of unexplained truths. The soul needs the spirit to process spiritual truths particularly new ones. The  human spirit is the part that connects with the Holy Spirit. This is why even in encounters with new truths, the human spirit quickly connects to God for confirmation; inquiring. The Holy Spirit or angels respond. Their first word would be:do not fear or don't be afraid.

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