date: 03 July 1997

Aussies accept teachings on prophetic feelings

From the account of Creation, we see that man - the male and female of  the species- is a spirit being with a physical body. This body washed by the Blood of Jesus becomes the temple of the Holy Spirit. As such, the body is designed to put everything under the feet of Jesus, to accomplish  God's purpose, to give glory to God.

Chapter 4 of Rule & Reign Manual is a teaching on the gift of discernment  where feelings are extensively taught as accurate tool of discernment. Many warriors who benefited from these teachings were set free from pain, condemnation and bondage because they believe. There were others who  are skeptical.

From partial exposure to “prophetic feelings” in a conference, 2 pastors  from Nueva Ecija, one from San Pablo City, could not accept the teachings. With this feedback from 3 unbelieving “prophetic” pastors, JHMT Board of Directors detached Chapter 4 teachings from SWII.

Though not happy with the Board’s decision, the SWII staff was affirmed  and comforted by God in many ways. One channel of encouragement is Pastor John Alley of Peace International Ministries, Australia, working on a global network of apostles and prophets in Asia and throughout the world.  Wanting to link this vision with JHMT, John saw us at JLS homeoffice.

The controversial teachings on Chapter 4 was accepted by John. His wife’s  pain in the breast has been a mystery because it has not progressed to healing though many spirit-filled ministers have prayed with them. While in Malaysia, he received a word from the Lord confirming the Chapter 4  teachings. The Lord told him that his wife's pain on the right breast speaks of the pain of men in Australia due to the feminist movement. The lighter  pain on her left breast speaks of the pains of women. After receiving these revelations, his wife was completely healed of the extreme pain. -------Leo Calderon

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