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.......I am ecstatic that my Lord wants me to be His soldier. I don't really know what I am doing except by the Lord's leading and by instinct. When I first encountered your site, I was struck by the difference between yours and others I had gone to. I recognized the truth in yours and the Lord told me to stop and read. I did and it changed my life....

Thank you again, Mr. Calderon. You have no idea how much all this has meant to me. You are an answer to many prayers. May God richly bless you and be close to you in your prayers. Till later,

Your humble servant,

Joel S. Purkerson


I have been sick with a strange virus since I was on the intercession team for the Carlos Anacondia crusade here in San Diego last September. It keeps recuring and I have been seeking the Lord for answers. As many miracles, signs and wonders of our precious Lord were manifested at the crusade, I got sicker everyday. I came to the Lord 7 years ago out of Satanic priesthood, Shintoism and Freemasonry in my family line. It was a very long and hard journey but the Lord has brought me through deliverance from legions of demons. I told the Lord that He could use me for whatever He wants. And I have been interceding over the land for a couple of years. I believe my work is to be a warrior but I feel hindered by this sickness. I have fasted and prayed and had many people pray for me but I canít seem to break through. I was so happy when I found your web site as it has revealed a lot to me. But there is so much I donít understand. Do you have any books out or manuals to help me grow up? Do you have any training sessions via e-mail or in the states? Thank you for your experiences and for sharing them with the Body as we need some fathers and mothers to train us. It is hard to find those that have an understanding of the spiritual realm. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

God bless you and your family and ministry greatly.


Sue Ann Tegami


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