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Leo Calderon 


May this article be useful to pain afflicted Christians who found no relief in medicine.

Pain is a mystery in itself. Aside from inventing drugs and medicine to arrest pain, man is attempting to discover all angles that lead to a full understanding of its physiological and psychological causes and effects. But the science of the unspiritual man can only go as far as their superb intelligence can comprehend the physical world. This is also limited to as far as their physical eyes can see. Yet the spiritual man of our days are impressed and drawn to the wonders of drugs relieving pain rather than the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him. 1 Cor. 2:9

But God has revealed it to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. 1 Cor.2:10

While science is indeed making some breakthroughs arresting pain,  the percentage of pain victims remain high. There is also that painful reality of the staggering cost of pain relievers; adding to the pain of the victims and their families. This is pathetic.

But I thank God the Father who anointed Jesus to become the  perfect model of handling pain. The Scriptures tell us that he came to suffer for us so that we do not need to suffer for ourselves. He bore our sins; he bore our pain. This is a relief to most of us who have  sown seeds of pain and must reap pain. Even if this theology is accurately true, the reality of pain in our body still exists.

Pain is shunned. Pain is detestable to pleasure seeking man's lifestyle. Pain stuns. This is natural. The church has her own science of understanding pain. She based it on her relationship with Jesus. She based it on the Bible which picture lives of powerful godly men who did not cringe, who did not complain. They went through life with patient endurance pleasing our God. And because of these testimonies, Christians can build doctrines around them and be complacent with the status quo. But we need to pursue and discover the mind of God on these mysterious phenomena that afflict the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Pain seems to be the ingredient that must be present to attest that one who has it is tried, tested, and has passed with grace and joy. Without knowing exactly the rhema word of God, they accept the torment praising God and glorifying him. They died painfully though. I saw  a Christian woman afflicted with bone cancer. My pastor friend and I went to pray for her in her hospital bed. She responded positively to our prayers and encouragement. After leading her to repentance and faith in Christ, we coached her to speak in Jesus' name everytime pain attacks her. She did and still died in pain. This started my search in the Spirit. " Why Lord ", I had asked. " Why was she not relieved of that terrible pain after her repentance, faith and our sincere prayers?

My trek to the painful discovery of arresting pain

Since birth,  pain is part of man. But did Adam and the woman God gave him suffer pain before their fall? The Bible does not indicate this. Perhaps the assumption that pain did not exist at that time sounds logical, but not necessarily the truth. It is always safe and sound to define things through the eyes of the Spirit of truth. Not by observation.

My wife and I came across the book: Pain, The Gift Nobody  Wants by Dr. Paul Brand & Philip Yancey. It featured true to life encounter of Dr. Brands' extraordinary compassion and sacrifice in his walk with God and with painless people, the lepers who constantly hurt themselves. His book ushered us to accept the truth that pain is rather a blessing than a curse.

Disease is a curse; pain, a blessing


The Lord will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought, with blight and mildew, which will plague you until you perish.

Pain  is not condemned in the Bible. We agree with Dr. Paul Brand, that it is a gift. The disease is the curse; but, pain is a distinct feeling that hurts in any or all parts of our body to alert us of danger. In our warfare task, we discovered that pain is an indicator of the existence of evil in the vicinity or of an onslaught of evil. It is the disease that is condemned, that must be cast out from the temple of the Holy Spirit. But the first reaction of Christians to disease is to seek professional help and medication. This grieves the Holy Spirit.

Is any one of you in trouble? Pray....Is anyone sick? Call the elders of the church ....And the prayer offered in faith will cause him to be well...

Why are we afflicted with disease? The  Scriptures tell us that when there is disobedience to God, he will strike us with disease. Doctors tell us that disease is a result of an activity contrary to health rules and principles. This is already disobedience to God who instituted health laws and principles, not doctors. We are in a time where people are hyper-health-conscious, the result of much paid advertisement. Diet and exercise has become the  focus of the elite, the blue- and white- collared people. Healthcare surged to commercial scale, seducing entrepreneurs to venture into this field for profit through multilevel marketing and other selling schemes that has since flooded the Christian Church. The strategy quickly gained foothold because of loopholes in the laws of the land that have been manipulated to accommodate food supplements. Due to the popularity of preventive medicine, the teachings of Balaam to Balak to entice God's people to eat food offered to idols, food supplements or health foods. At its extreme, this hyper-consciousness has become idolatry to the human figure, to the god of the self, rather than obedience and faith in the Lord.

Ignoring sensations & pains leads to spiritual leprosy

It is like getting used to it. This dreaded disease strips a man of his godly form and function, beauty and fragrance and, most of all, his honor. The effect of painlessness is devastating. The leprous skin works without caution because there is no pain to alert and alarm it of danger. The leprous skin holds hot items and grips sharp objects without feeling any pain; this is abuse of the skin which causes deformation and deterioration. This is also true with our spiritual skin. If you keep on ignoring the sensations and pains in the spirit realm, this develops into spiritual leprosy. The person becomes insensitive to the realities of ungodly spirit beings and their manifestations which are affecting the heavenly realms and people in it. In times of Church worship, one who is  sensitive to the spirit realm would feel the real situation: if heaven is open or not; if God's presence is made manifest or not; if there are angels or demons lurking; if somebody has come with heaviness or bitterness; if somebody is lustful or loving the Lord.

Source of pain

We have come to that point of experiencing pain and discover its root cause or source in the spirit realm. God made us discern, experience and understand that pain is caused by the ungodly mind, heart, and behavior of a person with the influence, manipulation, control and presence of wicked spirits in the first and second heavens. That once this situation is identified, pain will go. Why? The accuracy in identifying the root cause or source is manifestation of truth which sanctifies the frequencies filling the air. Truth sanctifies.

Sanctify them by the truth;  your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world. For them I sanctify myself, that they too may be truly sanctified. John 17:17,18

In this warfare, one knows that the root cause or source is dealt with successfully because no matter how intense the pain is, it will quickly go. It leaves your body in an instant, as quick as lightning.

The first time I experienced these painful situations, I quickly pray in the spirit, in tongues. This was the quickest way I responded in prayer but the Lord wanted me to know and understand what was going on. At that time, I was concerned particularly on getting rid of the pain. But God wanted me to dig deeper. He wanted me to know the source by discerning the situations such as:

Why there is pain; what are the distinctions of pain, their signs and symbols in the spirit realm; how and what are the functions of pain or its source.

Getting this truth from the Holy Spirit would quickly sanctify the first heaven, the source-person/s; and in the second heaven, the source-rulers/demons must be chained and be hurled to a place the angel of the Lord will put them. As quick as lightning, heaven would be opened.

Some intercessors are afflicted with pain in spite of their intense prayer in the Spirit. To perceive pain as an attack of the enemy is a form of paranoia. But to ignore the pain and the source is spiritual leprosy. The godly attitude is to link to the Spirit of Truth and respond not according to pain ( or feeling ) but to Him who tells you what to do. He has many ways and means to deal with our daily encounters.  Though painful, this task is a privilege because when pain is gone, the joy of his presence is made manifest. For a low profile warrior like you is commissioned by the Lord to deal with rulers and authorities messing the heavens and victimizing naive Christians and others. These rulers and demons cannot deceive you because you feel their identity even when they appear as an angel of light.

The Christians afflicted with disease or torment

A Christian lady was complaining of a heart disorder, featuring  fast heartbeat and intense chest pains that worried her. Her ECG and lab test results were negative. Because of the pain, she insisted that she has heart problems. Medications were prescribed to appease her.  They were faithfully taken but the problem did not go. At the church seminar we ministered and which she attended, we met her with this problem. The Holy Spirit led us to understand her affliction. She was  having relationship problems with her married children and their families living with her. My wife and I have learned from the Lord that heart problems are symbolic of irritations, resentments, bitterness, and  hatred. We advised her to deal with her relationship problems by forgiving the people who are hurting her then pray for her extended family so that their relationships shall be free from irritations, resentments  and bitterness. She did. She got rid of her medicines and felt better.

A member of our Church experienced mild stroke and was terribly bothered by its occurrences at different times and places. He is prayerful and living a bitterless life. He practices forgiveness and love so that his ailment must be a result of something else we didn't know.  The Lord led me to understand his situation that this is NOT caused by any violation of health laws and principles but a torment, which speaks of a problem he picked up somewhere. Nevertheless, he sought medical  advise and went through series of tests. Result: negative. This reinforced our insight on his acquiring this affliction. The Lord taught me how to discern the spirit realm of his whereabouts, the physical and  spiritual situations of people at the time he suffered the stroke. He described the physical and spiritual situation of the people around him. His office boss is afflicted with heart problems. Every weekends, he  and his family visit his parents. His mother is afflicted with heart disease.

This led us to see that his spirit and body picked up the heart problem in the air. His sensitive spirit had contracted this problem infesting the atmosphere of the people he is with on frequent occasions. The torment of others is picked up by our spirit in the spirit realm  and our body feels that pain or manifestation. That pain indicates the existence of a problem, issues that violate God's laws, truths and principles. But now we know that pain is not the problem. Therefore,  praying against the pain is not bulls eye. This is wrong target. By God's grace, sometimes the pain does subside. This is only for a moment; call it spiritual anesthetics; God's grace for learners.

There are many testimonies of men and women called into  intercession and warfare experiencing terrible pain. They went through the pain with patient endurance, accepting it as their period of refinning and purification. This is inaccurate perception. Let it be known to all that pain does indicate the existing or impending evil, sin, and also the presence or oncoming rulers, authorities or spiritual forces of evil. Some of us who have reached this level of experience attest that pain is a prophetic feeling indicating the following:

  • violation of God's laws and principles, disorder, sin, evil - imminent or existing in a person, group, community, city, province, region, nation or nations.
  • presence and identity of satan and his rulers, authorities,  forces of evil and demons

We should deal with the root cause of torment or disease. The Lord is ushering us to go into deeper depths on how pain must be arrested and the disease be melted. This require wisdom from God. But the terrible pain hard to tolerate sometimes overcome us so that like Paul, many of  us had asked the Lord to take it away. Like what he said to Paul, his grace is sufficient, the pain must stay until truth melts it and am set free. The Lord taught us.

With open visions and spiritual eyes to see the creatures lurking,  demons appear in different forms. Their ugly form is obvious. But Jesus said that they can come as an angel of light. So how can we distinguish them? By our spiritual skin. It is an accurate sensory built by God.  Feelings cannot be inaccurate. Inaccuracy lies on the Interpretations and understanding the feelings. This is why some Christians who came across our writings and teachings on the interpretation of feelings are skeptical. Indeed there is still room for more discoveries, learning and experiences in this field.

Pain is disturbing. It must be because that is exactly its  purpose. To distract us from our chores or focus so that a problem must be dealt with. That's why pain is indeed a blessing. It alarms.

Through the years, we have learned and still learning truths and principles in dealing with distinct painful situations. We came up with a Truth Data using them as our primary tools in locating and targeting the source of torment. They are effective in subduing darkness, which encourage us to explore deeper the vastness of the spirit realm with our sensors. We attest that knowing the facts and realities of a tormenting situation in the spirit realms result to instant healing and deliverance. Before this discovery, I had presumed that faith and discipline in prayer are enough to thwart the torment; that the powerful formula of praying, fasting, and extraordinary faith like that of Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, Paul, Peter, Smith Wiggleswoth, Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo  and other faith ministers is enough. I was wrong. By faith, truth sets free.

Intensity of pain & sensation

Pain or sensation comes in different measure or intensity. That  measure is the FQ. At this stage, let us describe the distinct measures of pains and sensations felt internally of externally. For point of  reference, let us use these words:

Mild sensation - a light touch or pressure but not painful.
moderate sensation - a moderate touch or pressure but not painful.
heavy sensation - a heavy touch or pressure but not painful.
mild pain - light pain
moderate pain
heavy pain
extreme or severe pain

Distinguishing the intensity of pain is important because it  quickly points to the identity and situation of the source-person and source-rulers/demons.

For a few days I was suffering with severe internal and external  pain on my head. Through out those days, it seems that I was not making any breakthrough. I decided to deal with it once and for all so I stopped doing other things and stood up in warfare:

The first step is to access God's throne in the third heaven.  Hanging on to the war principle, " No command. No action", the Lord must tell me what to do; not do my own thing. I must hear from God. Equipped with prophetic knowledge and understanding of the signs & symbols of our anatomy, the pain on my head speaks of problem in leadership. The intensity of pain indicated the magnitude of measure of responsibility of the leadership. Since it was so intense, I knew that this concerns national leaders. So this may speak of political, religious, or business leaders. So in the Lord, I scanned them, ruled out the others until the target was identified. The president of our nation. Upon identifying the target, the pain decreased. This indicates a bulls eye.

Then I proceeded to the first heaven where the root or  source-person is my prayer-target. As I am linked to the third heaven, now I am also linked to the first heaven where the target source-person is. In the third heaven I must get the will and word of God for the  target then decree and declare them to the first heaven and second heaven. These words sourced from God are truths. They are swords coming out from the mouth of any Christian. They strike at deceptions controlling the root or source-person. This is not witchcraft because the declarative prayers uttered are words manifesting the Will of God for the person. Witchcraft is manifesting human or demonic schemes of  controlling persons for ungodly or good purposes outside of God's will (Eph.2:10).

The next warfare procedure is to target the second heaven where  the root or source-ruler/demon is. This is the place where our emphatic authority against satan and his angels must be displayed; not before the eyes or ears of men who do not appreciate loud prayers. A discreet and wise intercessor must go to a place where no one might be disturbed. I drove satan and his angels away from the president at that moment then the extreme pain left me.

Back to the third heaven, I see its door standing open. Like  rivers of rushing waters is the roar of great multitude in heaven singing in the language that only they knew it's meaning. I sing with them and the presence of God is made manifest; so awesome.

Faith & Truth

Faith and truth are necessary in neutralizing the pain-source.  Faith is not positive thinking. It must come through an intimate relationship with Jesus who speaks. So faith is rather, a relationship, not a formula engineered by imagination or make believe antics to make  things happen. Faith must be a rhema and logos word given to the person afflicted with disease or torment. Faith is a thought, vision, feeling, voice, taste, or smell revealed by the Lord. Faith is truth. Faith  manifests truth. Faith is the door to experiencing truth. Faith is not memorizing the verse to manifest God's promise. Faith is exactly the word made manifest. Words of past, present, or future that comes from  the mouth of God manifest faith in our spirit. God graciously trains beginners of faith. As a newly born again, I heard God's voice audibly. At first, I regarded it as my thought so I ignore it. But the Father  did not sulk. He patiently taught me to respond to his voice. In some cases, he persistently spoke until I obeyed. So I learned to distinguish his voice. It came like the sound of my thought. So does the voice  of the devil. (Click: How to hear God's voice). Healing of disease, dealing with torments, pain and anything that we encounter must always be consulted with God.  But this is not done by many professing Christians. They respond to situations, circumstances, opportunities, problems and you name it without sending a quick message to heaven, quickly asking, " Is this  from you , Lord?" or "Lord. what is going on?"

The first human reaction is to access the soul and demand  analysis. The soul goes to work but its function is limited within the available file stored in the memory bank of the brain. For spiritual matters, this is impossible; it won't work.

Faith is necessary for truth to manifest. Truth is necessary for  faith to manifest. The truth manifesting faith is Jesus. Jesus is the truth...If Jesus is in you and you are in Jesus; this is truth. It manifests faith.

So, our ability to identify the source and hidden situation, man  in the first heaven and rulers and demons in the second heaven, is a powerful manifestation of truth which sets us and the heavens free from the oncoming onslaught or existence of evil in the heavenly places.  Therefore, in an open heaven where people are pure and holy, pain or disease does not exist. If it does, it must be dealt with.


Sometime in the early months of 1997, the Lord brought me into the  spiritual dimension of understanding the atmosphere and spiritual times and seasons. My senses became keen particularly on what is taking place in the spirit realm. Though it was not a comfortable experience,  the excitement of discovering hidden truths and principles was worth the pain and the defiling inconvenience caused by wickedness in the air. This exploration was not my idea. God led me into it. And I thank him  for his sufficient grace bestowed on me as blunders and disobediences were committed along my trail to the mysterious heavenly places where demons come and go.

We must advance. Satanists and agents of darkness roam in the  spirit realm using their spiritual powers vested by satan upon them in attacking and destroying the church.

Sound the alarm. Rouse the warriors!

Truth is necessary for our victory. We must see truths hidden by blinders and pursue the unfolding of  divine mysteries. The truths and principles in these articles are for effective warfare; to help intercessors, prayer  warriors, and Christians in dealing with their painful battle against the dragon and his angels.

Come out, you, Gideons of the Lord. Your time has come to smash Baal's altar and demolish the Ashera pole at night. Let God lead you to the midianites' camp and bring confusion to their ranks. Blow your trumpets and watch the hand of God destroy them with their own swords; each turning against the other.

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