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page 5 of Jeremiah....

In that once scaphoid abdomen, I had felt a sausage shaped mass that  alarmed me. Now that the abdomen was swollen and tense, the things going on inside it was racing thru my mind. Peritonitis had set in. The fear of a ruptured ap was real, but intestinal obstruction just so, both being a  case of acute abdomen, routinely a surgical case. I scan my recent memory: were those currant jelly stools I cleaned up, or simply drug-stained discharge? My consultant's comment regarding the criteria of  being okay for conservative management rang thru me. God, why are they able to say overnight that this is okay for conservative management? Why can't I when I am your child , supposed to have the authority by your word,  for life and death are in the power of my tongue. Why can't I speak life and see the fruit thereof in less than a day? If this is a case for conservative  management, I should be seeing the criteria of no pain, no fever, no nothing already.
Say but the word and he shall be healed. The centurion was saying to  Jesus, who offered to come to his house to heal his servant. Believing in transfer of authority, he thought that a personal house call by the Lord was  not necessary. Say but the word.... This man of authority got what he asked for: his servant's healing.
Leo, my dependable prayer partner and warrior husband, asked me. What is going on inside an abdomen like that? I tell him about the acute  abdomen, the mechanics of peritonitis, what surgeons do in an open case. He encouraged me . You have the words I don't have. Speak them, use those terms to declare healing by God's hand. Write them down so we,  the team, can declare them with you. I went to the computer to make out a kind of prayer template.
This wormlike appendage to the intestine at the junction of the small and large intestines, also called "vermiform appendix", has been considered by  evolutionists as a kind of vestigial structure, there being no known use for it in man. Many surgeons would remove it electively almost routinely in an  operation on the abdomen for something else, thinking they are doing the patient a favor. Many cases of clinically diagnosed appendicitis have shown histologically normal appendices.
How would you pray for a sore appendix? The worst of pictures that I had  seen in the operating room of ruptured appendices with peritonitis and their prognosis at the post surgical ward I was seeing in my son. So nothing  less than the Water from the side Christ that gushed out of him when the Roman soldier lanced him while hanging on the cross. Nothing less than this Water can do the peritoneal lavage, washing his abdominal cavity of  all the poison. For that ruptured appendix, I declared a perfect apposition of all torn edges, a primary healing with minimal scarring , as if reconstructed by the Divine Surgeon's hand, perfectly restored to the  original. I destroyed the concept that this is an expendable vestigial structure. For no part that God put into this my son's body while he was being formed in my womb is useless. The periappendiceal abscesses that  were forming in his abdominal cavity as a result of the rupture I drained and washed away with water from the River of life, flowing from the throne of  God for the healing of the nations. I spoke to quicken the homeostatic mechanism of the body to restore the fluid electrolyte balance as the depleted water and ions are infused thru the water of life. I spoke to  encourage the immune system to release the antibodies that will wage good warfare against the foreign bodies and toxins and render them harmless, that the macrophages will clean up the mess shortly. Thru his  IV fluid will flow the healing power of the love of God to disable the infecting germs and enable his body to rise up in victory.

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