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page 6 of Jeremiah.....

For the next three days, we were declaring this upon Jem at the same  time that we were declaring the will of God upon the children of the nations represented by the Asean Summit. By this time his recovery was picking  up. He asked to be relieved of his intravenous fluids, compromising with the intra-muscular injection for 4 doses only, then finally asked to take everything by mouth on the 6th day. Without the limiting tubes, he could  move around his room. On the 7th day he asked to comedown to the living room with us declaring that we will be having a phone at home this Friday.  The result of our application for a phone to be installed in our unit months earlier had been unheard of. Then someone from the phone company came to inform us that our application is being processed, pending  completion of necessary papers, installation should be done by Monday at the earliest. Happy for Jem's declaration that was confirmed, we were contented with the Friday next week. When you have waited for months, a  week more can't hurt. Then late in the afternoon beyond office hours, the phone men were back. A lineman had turned zealous to work his Monday job this Friday. Indeed Jem had said this Friday. While we were rejoicing ,  I pondered these things in my heart.
One week ago, God had said, I will heal without operation. Three days  later I grappled with the reality of death and the morbid possibility of signing my own son's death certificate. I wrestled with God, what did he break in me? Not my hipbone but the very backbone of my pride: what I  can do. When I was ready to die to what I had and had done, bargaining here and there, God reminded me his word. I will heal. The enemy was saying he will die if... But not God. It is the enemy that sets conditions,  adding to the word, and when we begin to focus on the conditions, we get distracted from the exact word and fear comes in. Fear not of God but of  what the devil will say will happen. That is when we become purpose driven instead of being Spirit led. That is when we become burnt out by the good  works that we do, instead of being kept burning by the fire of knowing that we are doing what God had prepared in advance for us to do. We have to die to our dead works that we may live to the purposes of God for us.
We say I believe in God, the all powerful God of Love, the Great Physician  who heals, he who holds the universe in his hands, holds us in his hands. With him is the best place to be. Picture a hospital scene, say, in the  intensive care unit. The family wait outside waiting for news from inside. Doctor comes out and says "It is all in the hands of God." Shrieks and  cries of despair. In the hands of men we could handle that. In the hand of God? No way. As if men can handle things better than God.
By day 7, Jem was clearly clinically out of danger : no fever, no pain, no  masses palpable in a soft, non tender abdomen, good bowel sounds, and good bowel and urine output. Concerned about his looks, he resolved to eat well and was doing just that. By Monday he was back in school,  surprising his teachers who were apologetic that they had not had the chance to visit him. His Grade V classmates were similarly kind and helpful with his heavy school bag. An uncomplicated case of operated  appendicitis ordinarily takes one week absence from class. God exceeded my expectations of Him. When he promises, he delivers. His Name is Faithful. His Name is Jesus.
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