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& symbols of feelings, pain & ailments

The HUMAN BODY of a prophetic warrior is a metaphor of the Body of Christ. This is why he/she discerns the spirit realm thru feelings, pain and ailments as symbols. The symbols and prophetic interpretation featured here are results of our biblical study, research and experience in the Lord while in combat. We do not claim to have known everything in this particular field so we encourage warriors to contribute to this page what they have learned and have applied in the Lord’s battles.

If you have any comments, questions, answers, articles, or insights regarding this field, please post them at the Warfare Forum.


The HEAD speaks of headship, leadership, covering, intelligence, planning, scheming, seeing, vision, smelling, speaking, communication, honor, image, prestige, and control.

HAIR or SCALP speaks of covering.

FOREHEAD denotes thoughts, imaginations, faith or unbelief.

  • Cold and hardness on forehead speaks of unbelief. I sense this feeling when I discern unbelief in a person, place or community.
  • Pressure or pain on the forehead may indicate lustful thoughts and imaginations. If you are sensing this in a person, you must be prudent in handling this matter. Avoid embarrassing him/her but do not fail to set him/her free from this bondage. The first thing to do is to intercede.
  • Dizziness is a clear indicator of lying or deception.
  • Pain under the forebrain. I feel this pain when I sense a person who is a con artist. This person is a professional liar and his/her tactics is to use some truth and facts to manipulate. The first objective is to build your trust and confidence to solicit your compassion and generosity.


  • Pain on the whole brain or some part of it identifies the presence, location, works, or schemes of Satan, principalities or territorial spirits.
  • Agitating pain speaks of a territorial spirit agitating a person/s to become nasty, worried, fearful, mentally disturbed. These agitating spirits taunt relationships into quarrel or conflict. They inject offensive messages to the thoughts to provoke persons to anger and violence.
  • Pain on this area also identifes the presence and works of wictcraft.


  • Smarting sensation or pain on the eyes speaks of lust, peeping, or porn watching.
  • Left symbolizes female; right, male.


  • In the spirit realm, sneezing speaks of oncoming frustration. In the physical, it is an indication that a virus attempting to enter your body is detected.


  • This is detected by sneezing, colds and cough. Coughing indicates frustration in communication.


  • Thick feeling on the cheeks speaks of arrogance. Right cheek symbolizes male; left: female.


  • Deafening feeling speaks of deaf ears. This feeling is experienced when you sense a person who refuses to listen-- like a son who refuses to listen to his nagging mom.


  • Pain or sensation on the lips or mouth or around it speaks of badmouthing. Sores in gums or the mouth cavity speaks of slander and/or bad report.


  • Pain or sensation on the teeth and gum speaks of the inability to chew solid food. This is experienced when a person who is having trouble receiving truths or teachings is being sensed.
  • The particular tooth also symbolizes a particular function of  person. Front upper right teeth speak of male leaders. Front upper left teeth speak of female leaders. Lower teeth speak of subordinates.
  • Gritting teeth speak of hidden anger and resentment.


Note that Distance in discernment makes no difference. You may sense a person or demon from the other side of the globe or wherever he is, far or near. Time must also be determined in discernment. There are occassions when God activates our senses to discern the schemes and onslaught of evil, things of the past, things of the present, and things to come.

Prophetic feelings are usually indicators of a spiritual situation. This is why a prophetic warrior must not consider prophetic feelings as instructive or directional revelations. Discerning a demon or trouble along your path does not mean that God wants you to turn around or to get out of the situation or place. Seek God’s command. Get direction from God when you sense trouble/demon/s. God enabled you to detect/sense/discern demon/trouble to alarm you of the clear and present or future danger. But you must respond to discernment by connecting to God to get his word.


This is felt when deception or lying is being sensed. The person being sensed may be lying or is being deceived by demons or persons. It is also possible that the person being discerned is only a carrier of deception or lies. A spirit is riding on. We call this spirit or demon a rider.



The painful feeling on the head may speak of an agitation inflicted by territorial spirits or principalities. Severe pain on the head may indicate that you are sensing the presence, scheme, or works of a high ranking ruler such as Satan himself or any of his generals.

This feeling may induce you to become cranky, irritable and harsh. Learn to emote the fruit of the Spirit while in this terrible pain.

To subdue the evil ruler in this state may not be an overnight battle. We went thru situations where several days were spent in severe pain and have to learn not to give up. Discerning situations like the World Trade Center attack would caused severe pain in the head such as migraine.

Insanity or schizophrenia is sparked by spirits/demons bothering the thoughts of a person. Person afflicted with this problem may experience emotional breakdown or mental disorder due to voices, visions, and pain they experience in the spirit realm that others do not feel, see nor understand.

The pain leaves when:

  • the demon/spirit is identified and subdued;
  • the demon/spirit leaves the place;
  • God deactivates your sensors.


to be continued


posted Saturday, November 17, 2001
Modified 12/30/2003 3:16:06 PM


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