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The Prophetic Season
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1998 Aug.16
Leo & Zeny Calderon
The prophetic anointing has dropped to a low level as compared with  previous years, 1990 to 1996. The trend has shifted from prophecy to teaching, and to evangelism through missions. Some prophetic people have ceased prophesying. Worse, some have denounced this gift and  rejected the office of the prophet. The prophetic office was intensely criticized and barred from prophesying by some denominations formerly open to this ministry.
A pastor, an ex-member of a prophetic team ministering to  the Body of Christ, pathetically mentioned that he has shelved his prophetic gift and banned prophetic ministers in order to  preserve unity in their local church. This perception has condemned the prophetic ministry as destroyer of unity rather than a catalyst. They noted that splits followed the introduction of the prophetic gifts to a local church.  Members, after receiving the prophetic gift and certain revelations, were observed to rise against church leadership and form their own church.

Some have documented experiences on the imperfection of the prophetic ministry of some ministers. Some of their issues are: prolonged preaching beyond the tolerable time frame of the church; coarse language in their prophetic utterances and preachings; bold testimonies  especially of sexual sins that go against the fiber of the finer sensibilities of many, and inaccurate revelations. Sometimes inaccurate interpretations of the recipients themselves.
But one worst scenario in the prophetic season is the division and  severance of relationships among the prophetic people. This came at the peak of it's manifestations. When many began to be open, issues of integrity, manipulation, pride, and Jezebelic control were raised against  prophetic leaders. This led to the closure of their gates by some evangelical churches. This was the beginning of martyrdom among the prophets. By this time also, the teaching of the Nicolaitans and of  Balaam were spreading like wildfire. Eagerness rose to realize the prophecy about turning the wealth of the wicked to the righteous. The enemy knowing that the prophetic fire burning in the Philippines could  not be doused off that quickly, allowed Balaam behind the prophecy. With a desire for great gain.was the counsel to Balak to entice God's people to sin.Their own sin will destroy the prophetic tribe of Israel..  Indeed many prophetic people were enticed to eat the " food sacrificed to idols". They committed spiritual adultery with the moabites who came to  offer them resources and wealth. The multilevel marketing of products that profess to do the work of God preserving their bodies and making them live forever has caused a huge outpouring of cash into their  accounts.The espousal of many alternative medicine therapies rooted in the occult has taken the place of healing in Jesus' Name. This has seemed like a sign and a wonder. And they have thanked and  worshipped God for this.

To the discerning watchmen of the nation, they felt the heavens of our  nation defiled. The heavens closed. Sin came to plague our nation. The great deception has come to invade the supposedly prophetic people who should have detected it as false and wicked. The wrong heart and  mind attitudes and slanders of God's people opened the door to the infesting demons to demoralize, divide, and kill the prophetic fire. The infestation closed the heaven, and crumpled the prophetic mantle so that  it can not have the unction to function where it is corporately rejected and defiled.
But the prophetic fire is maintained by those who did not back off from  the travails of the persecution, staying in their prophetic caves receiving strength and sustenance from the Lord. Those who did not allow Balak's moabitesses into their prophetic camp. To the great many prophets that  were enticed, they had simply followed their prophetic fathers hexed with the teachings of Balaam
As a watchman of our nation, I attest that the Body of Christ in the  Philippines has not yet experienced any outpouring of the apostolic rain because she was not ready. The sin in the camp has closed the sky.
Some are eagerly waiting for the apostolic season as prophesied. But  some are trying hard to bring it in through the usual activities: seminars, schools and missions labeled as apostolic but without the evidence of its tremendous power. Mission awareness, however, has grown into greater  magnitude among many churches. Mission organizations, old timers and new ones, are sending missionaries to other nations. Yes, this is a already a breakthrough to many. Mindsets and fears on missions and  lack of faith were at least broken. The ability to trust God for finance has risen.
But where is the apostolic anointing that we are waiting eagerly? Where  are the apostles and prophets? What are they doing to usher us into the apostolic season?
The Lord opened my eyes to see and feel darkness in the atmosphere.  The pain of immaturity and the pain of growing are both hurting. Opposition within the ranks is sparking. The Lord is lovingly allowing this and eagerly wanting to pour out the apostolic rain but he won't yet. The  Bride is not ready because of their old wineskins. He lifted my spirit to see from the heavenly places their attitudes, character and ways, it can't  withstand the apostolic fire that the angel of the Lord will cast into the earth. The Lord said, " Look at their relationships. Slander divides them.  Brother speaking against brother. A foretaste of new things I have sent in their midst and they cannot take it because it cannot fit into their mindsets and old teachings. Because of this, they have opened  themselves to the assault of lying spirits. Woe to my prophetic people who have cast stones to their own brothers who willingly received new things never heard of before. They treated them as false, rejected them,  mocked and marked them as cast outs labelled as cults.

A Prophecy 
Leo Calderon

Cry O Nation! The spirit of deception and dissension has invaded our  prophets and apostles. They have not been careful in their ways; their pride has overtaken them. Their ministry has grown and developed. People revere them and accept them as the fathers of their faith. But  their seal has not shown a perfect likeness of Jesus. Their tongue has slashed the throat of their own fathers, brothers and sons. Disowned and cut off some of those who love the Lord very much and betrayed them  with false reports and remarks of mockery in the pulpits and gatherings. How can you contain the new wine my people, says the Lord, when you have also eaten food sacrificed to idols and have committed adultery with  the moabites. Repent therefore or the plague won't stop.

Go back to your roots and examine your foundations. Is their someone  meek among you who is willing to receive new things that won't mix with the old? How I wish you are new wineskins able to take them even from others who walk with you meekly, those you have not been regarded as trailblazers of new things. You have lusted for the new rain rather than humbling yourself by treating your brothers as vessels of the new wine. But you have rejected them instead. Repent therefore and change your attitudes. Humble yourselves and treat others with respect. Do not cut them off who speaks with new things in their mouths. Because I have indeed sent them to proclaim it among you. What they say is true for  they have walked with me in their trail and training. These quiet chosen few who did not soil their clothes in the times of pain and rejection when you have cast stones on them because of the new things they attempted to introduce to you. Hear them O nation for they are the gates and walls of your cities. Repent. Accept them and let them teach you, says the Lord. 
For the apostolic rain is about to fall. But only if you are new wineskins.  This will only come if you humble yourselves. Mend your hearts with each other. Heal those who are hurting. Strengthen the weak who were cast out from your ranks because of me. Unite not divide. Sound the  trumpet call to repentance, fasting, reconciliation, and restitution then engage in warfare to clear the heavens from darkness. Then you will see the clouds forming in the east and see its coming. For I will send the  eastwind to blow in your midst. I will pour out to you the apostolic rain. It is about time to water the seeds I have sown, says the Lord.
 "Lord, what is wrong with the old wineskin?"
It is weak and has holes. It is woven with fabrics of deceptions and pride.  It is a material of unwilingness to get rid of their tradition or mindsets structured in their attitudes.

May God's people heed this call: Let us prepare for the out pouring of the apostolic wine. Prepare our wineskins!

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