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Date 26 October 2000

The Scenario. The Philippines is battered by many storms: 1) Abu Sayaff kidnappings and bombing in the south; 2) oil price increase; 3) inflation; 4) jueteng ( illegal gambling )  expose of Gov. Luis Chavit Singsong involving the president.

The nation is now dense with loud cries in the air for Estrada’s ouster. An impeachment case is already filed in congress but a public disenchantment with Estrada is igniting the formation of opposition coalition, movements, rallies and campaigns for Estrada’s resignation.

In the religious sector, leaders of different religious sect have formed an alliance to denounce the alleged corruption of Estrada and also demanding his resignation. Some christian leaders are swept by the turbulent waves of this public uproar. They have boldly involved themselves with this public outcry. On the other side, there are also some christian leaders who have opted to form prayer groups and movements that call for national repentance enjoining the president and his cabinet in this gesture..

On the morning of Oct.26, 2000 while in prayer, the Lord translated me into a spiritual experience, revealing to me a prophetic oracle below. ----Leo Calderon

To the Philippines: An Oracle

O land of the Orient Pearl
Why do you rage and rant?
Today, you see yourself like a daughter abused;
Violated by her father, your honor and trust
Your father to whose wickedness your eyes were blind
Before the accuser came out, you knew it.
The walls have spoken; you have heard it.
Now the stone is cast,
His accuser once his best friend
Now is  his worst enemy.

The urge to throw stones is strong.
Pebbles to big rocks are found
You join the fray, shout in the streets
seethe with righteous anger and demand justice

How could he? How could he? you ask.
You had voted a better man 
Now you wash your hands and say, “ Do not blame me.”
Now you feel vindicated gloating over those who crowned him king.
The people who adored him, they must see.
They have gambled
They must suffer the consequences.

Now we have a leader, a gambler.

A womanizer? 
A model in its class.
A hero envied by men who lust
for more.
A crony? Everybody has.
The next president will have. The next and the next.
They are his security, his friends, his crony.

Waves of denunciations have flooded the air
Now you speak your hurts, frustrations and woes.
Hidden from your urge for justice is the sting of resentments, pains and bitterness

Others have clenched their fists and cursed.
The religious demand repentance and resignation.
They have coddled the accuser;
Treated him   their hero
If not their battering ram.

As I sit and watch these things on TV, read the newspapers, hear comments and opinions;
my heart yearns for the Lord, my God,  who sets kings and deposes them; who gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning, who reveals deep and hidden things. He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him. ( Daniel 2:21, 22 ).

My spirit attempted to access heaven,
But the air is infested, my connection is hampered.
A little longer then, a light shone and I saw in my visions, an angel of the Lord with a message:
“ Watchman, look at the walls of your nation “.
I looked and sawcracks and holes  in my vision,
The walls of a tall building buckling, about to fall on people in the busy streets,  unaware of the danger.

Then he spoke again, “ Look at the gates “.
I looked and saw the gates wide open. In my thoughts, I reasoned that even if the gates were closed, the gates won’t stand the battering rams and siege works of the enemy. The gates are made of bamboo poles tied together, not strong enough  to keep our nation secure.

Then I  see the angel no  more. But words of authority subduing the powers of darkness came out of my mouth as I spoke to the gates and walls of this nation. My spirit was lifted up to the second heaven where rulers and principalities were feasting on the curses, hatred, bitterness, resentments, and badmouthing of people, small or great, political and religious, Christians and non-christians alike. Principalities, territorial spirits and forces of darkness are recruiting other demons of other nations, rallying them to oppresss this nation, stop the flow of prosperity, suffer its people with political and economic chaos.

The Spirit of God led me to speak to the gates of prosperity: Let the gates of our nation be open for the kings and rulers of other nations to march to this land and give the wealth and treasures of their land and sea. Let the channels of wealth and treasures be open. Let the sons and daughters of this nation send their love and offerings, pay tribute to their fatherland and invest their peace, knowledge and wisdom, their gold and silver to  prosper this nation. Let the rigtheous builders, craftsmen and skilled workers build its walls and gates .

As I type this message on my computer, I see in my vision an angel blowing the trumpet. He sounded the call to all watchmen, ministers, intercessors, warriors, levites, christians and all firstfruits to shut the gates and guard the walls. Repair the cracks and plug the holes. Strengthen the gates and neutralize the invaders.

To the unrighteous:
Turn from your wicked ways,
Repent and be restored  to God.
Get out from your backsliding.
Repair what you have damaged.
Pay your debts.

Let the ministers, the shepherds, pastors, leaders
lay down their hearts before God.
Lead their flock to repentance.
Is there someone who gambles before the eyes of the Lord;
Buying sweeptakes and lotto tickets, betting on cockfights and other games at hand
Is there someone immoral and partial in their judgments?

Then I also saw the angel with a drawn sword who appeared to Joshua.
He said, “  I did not come for those who are for or against your president “. I went to the scriptures, read Joshua 5:13-15 and his message for the Philippines, is : “ Take off your shoes  for the place where you are standing is holy. “

Church, be holy. Worship God.

As God ‘s people are repenting and worshiping, I see 2 angels with drawn swords. They have secured the land with the Word of God. Then I look up and saw an inscription. “ These things will pass away. The darkest hour of the night shall pass away.  The great hour is about to come. His glory and splendor will fill the land, its heavens shall be opened. There will be no more tears but peace and joy will fill the hearts of God’s people. Their fears will be turned to faith. Their pains and afflictions will heal and their trust will be in my Word. Lessons are learned and my people are stronger today.”

I also see the dragon on the sea shore facing the sea. He glanced back for a moment cursing God’s people of this nation. But he is held at bay by the angels, subdued and is harmless for a time.


------------------------Leo Calderon
created: Oct.26, 2000
updated 08/19/01 05:17 PM