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Prophecy by Dianna Uphaus

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1998 Aug.16

End Times

Linking Christians


Revelations & Insights

God is unfolding mysteries. He is opening the eyes of Christians from generation to generation, increasing their knowledge and wisdom full of powerful truths and principles which were hidden and blocked by the evil forces of deception throughout the ages.

God is perfecting our knowledge and understanding of his will. He wants us to become like Jesus whose life on earth was a perfect example of a son who thinks the thoughts of the Father, who emotes the emotions of the Father, who speaks the words of the Father, who obeys the commands of the Father.

On end times
Many christians prefer to accept the pre-trib doctrine because it soothes their fear of tribulation. Fear other than the fear of God is a snare.

Most teachings on the endtimes are highlighting the terror of the dragon, the beast and the anti-christ. Where did the power of God go?
Rapture is treated as an escape from the terror of the Anti-Christ and beast rather than a manifestation showing God's power vested on the believer to go up to the second heaven, join the rider on White Horse and his armies to strike down the nations and rule them.(Rev.19)
The common understanding on the endtimes is founded on fear rather  than on faith. Theologians and Bible teachers highlighted the terrible works of the Anti Christ and the Beast where fear paralyzed the ability of many believers from perceiving the indescribable power of God available for every faithful believer.  
Many are speculating on who the anti-Christ is and this has robbed them of their most precious time focusing on Jesus. What benefit could they get if they know who the anti-Christ is? If they could stop him from deceiving the whole world, indeed that would be a great benefit.
Famine, earthquake, plague, death, these are some of the terrible things that any Christian won't desire to experience. But any Spirit-filled Christian must go thru difficult scenarios and overcome them. If these things happen to the whole world, this tried and tested Christian will not be terrified.
If you are a Christian who never went thru pain and suffering, fasting, hunger, depression or oppression, rapture is an easy way out. Blessed are those who went thru them and were overcomers. They should be caught up in heaven with the King of kings and Lord of Lords on the final battle to put everything under Jesus' feet.

No buying & selling

If food would be a problem in the last days, is it possible that God would rather remove the hunger from my tummy rather than letting hunger drive me to find food. But if hunger drives me to find God, let there be hunger. But if I am in God, there is no hunger.
This scenario is indeed terrifying to those who do not really know God. A Christian who resists going through the disciplines of growing in faith and obedience may easily fall to the pressure of receiving the mark on the rght hand or on the forehead. Rev.13:16-18
The need to buy or sell will induce the weak-willed Christian to receive the mark. The Christian whose false knowledge of God’s grace and mercy will say, “ The Lord will understand. He will not allow me to go hungry. I will receive the mark then repent later.”

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