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Prophecy by Dianna Uphaus

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Linking Christians

by Dianna Uphaus

Date Submitted: 26 February 2001

This is a word that the Lord gave to me recently. It was spoken to our congregation in Rensselaer, Indiana, but I feel that it has implications for the Body of Christ .........Dianna Uphaus


Hear now my people what the Lord is about to do. Can you hear the wind of the Spirit in the land? Can you feel the gentle impulses of the breezes blowing across your soul? See how the wind is picking up. Soon there will be a strong wind, and then soon a gale of proportions that you have never seen or known before in your lifetime.

For I am calling my people, my children, to Holiness as a corporate body. Yes, I have called you individually to holiness for some time now & always My church should be arrayed in holiness, but you have not.

Day after day and year after year I have called you to repent, and you have not. You have played alongside the roadside of life, ignoring My call to come up higher & leave the childish things, the lesser things of life, that I might show you the beautiful wondrous things of the Spirit and the beauty of Holiness, the strength of knowing who I am, the wisdom of the Ancient of Days. But you would not.

Some have listened, some have obeyed, but many have heard & ignored. Now I tell you, the time is now. The time is now for a radical change, a radical change to come into all I have called you to be.

For some it will be hard, to give up playing in the dirt, but you must, for I say unto you if you do not, I will leave with those who want to follow My steps to go up higher and you will be left playing in the dirt, with the childish things of the past.

Come now, I exhort all of you within the sound of My Voice, come with Me, rise up from the games that you have played with one another & seek My face. Come into My presence and I will make you warriors who will not play the battles anymore but truly fight the good fight of faith.

For I tell you if you do not follow My voice, the army of the Lord is preparing to move into the next season of change and you will be left behind.

You may think that you will be safe still playing in the dirt, but I tell you, no longer will you be protected by My presence but will be in the camp of the enemy, for he is on the march. And you will be in his ground very soon. For I will move on to another place in the Spirit and you will be left behind.

Then you will be at the mercy of the enemy because you have not listened to My word & obeyed Me. Obedience is the key. You must listen to the Spirit, move with the Spirit, cast off the old works of the flesh and allow Me to give you new garments, a garment of praise, a garment of victory, a garment of joy, a garment of wisdom and might for I tell you surely it is time to move on, and some of you will not come.

Come and listen to the Spirit and come to Holiness. For surely the wind of the Spirit is blowing across the land and if you remain where you are, the storms of life will overpower you. Come up higher, my people, to the safety of My presence and I will clothe you with new garments that you have never seen before, garments that will bring inexpressible delights to your soul like never before.