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Strategizing Prayer Groups

Strategizing Prayer Groups.

Group Size. Groups must have 3 to 4 members only. Due to time constraint, a big prayer group is not advisable. A small group will have a better chance to allow all the group members to contribute their prayer, revelation, or insight.

Prayer Activations

After cleansing and worship, you may ask all groups to receive revelation from God. In this activity, a leader with a prophetic mantle can effectively set the atmosphere, open the heaven and expect the group to receive revelation from God. I have seen that even new converts and new timers of this experience receive visions and revelation from God. Only, they need to be told that the pictures they see in their minds under the prophetic anointing is revelation. Interpretations of visions and revelation must come through a mature prophetic minister.

  1. After receiving revelation and interpretations, deploy them to prayer. Give the go signal to  start then to stop or go to the next activity.
  2. Excitement in prophetic intercession and warfare may run from personal to national to global issues and concerns.
  3. Prayer strategies may also include prophetic gestures, role playing and diagnostic conference among prayer groups. If you hunger for more, the Lord is rich with creative strategies that is available for his prayer warriors.
  4. End the prayer with thanksgiving,  worship and victory songs prophesying the will of God.


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