Humility is willing to be humiliated, despised, and hated.

"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.(Mat 5:11, 12 NIV)

Humility will not defend his honor among men. He will neither boost his image among men. He knows that honor is not measured by popularity, fame or recognition which is given by men. True honor is given by God and no one can take that.. Death of human honor is the beginning of divine honor.

As humans with objective purpose of being respectable, we get hurt when maligned or falsely accused of wrongdoing. Indeed Integrity and trust are important ingredients in our role as members of a unit such as a family, household, community, tribe, language or nation. But God graciously allows heavy assault on one's integrity to shake off the sticky clothes of human honor that fattens the flesh. Death to this honor melts the flesh and unmasks the spirit of man to see the honor that belongs to the Lord. The dying is not easy but it is worth the pain. It unshackles a proud person who believes in his humility. One of the terrible pains in this dying is when punches are coming from the disillusioned love ones. Those you have loved, trusted and cared for.

Let the humble see more of the horrible humiliations that will come like a deluge and not cringe or run away in fear. Due to the increase of wickedness on earth, many will not be able to endure the onslaught aimed at those who claim to belong to the Lord. The person who came to know the Lord for selfish reasons will defect. He will decide to protect himself and reason out that it is his service to God as being responsible for his security. Their human understanding will get the better of themselves. They will boast of their understanding with the majority on earth and will insist that great intelligent men think like them.

The need to be accepted is a false need. Persons motivated with this need of acceptance portray different colors of behavior and personality. One can be a super aggressive character who attracts attention and manipulates people to admire and enthrone him for his achievements and performance. Another character may be a quiet and compliant person who does not go for the limelight. He may be a very friendly, soft, and easy person to relate with yet this is because of a hidden need of acceptance. His strategy is to be useful and helpful. These seemingly good works are weighed in heaven. If these people caught in this need of acceptance are true lovers of Jesus, they will be sifted. The storms will come upon them to strip off this need to be accepted. The earth quakes, lightning and peals of thunder will be hurled down to earth. There will be a dividing wall that will make them see the distinction. Though the pain of lossing those who meet their need of acceptance will be terrible, healing will quickly appear after they die in their honor and get rid of this need of acceptance. This is humility.

Leo Calderon

modified 12/07/03 11:41 AM