Submission to Leadership

God wants us to submit to leadership whether that leadership is godly or ungodly. This principle is widely illustrated in the Bible by the attitude of Israel when other ungodly heathen nations ruled over them. They would not rise in arms in bitterness because they knew that if they are right before God, they will be rescued--- for God will send them their deliverer. They would rise in repentance, worship and obedience. Wicked rulers were subdued.

When we warfare in the heavenly places against wicked spirits, dominions and authorities influencing and controlling leadership, our attitude towards leadership must be humility and submission to them even when we don’t agree in the Spirit. Wrong restrictions imposed by leadership should not provoke us to resentment. Resentment leads to rebellion. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, a grave sin we must not commit. 1 Sam.15:23

Submission and humility are indeed powerful warfare attitude against the spirit of Jezebel in leadership. The Jezebel spirit which is a demon cannot oppress submissive and humble Christians. Their submission and humility are powerful truths applied like fires melting the sharp arrows of the Devil. They also consume any spiritual filth of pride and arrogance in the atmosphere.

Control of people

Some Christian leaders resort to oppressive principles and methods of this world in controlling people. They flavor it with objectivity which often tastes bitter. In this kind of leadership where many are defiled, God has provided his sheep with humility to cover them from the wicked assault coming from demons and humans.

Seeing thru the eyes of the Lord, the root of wicked leadership is watered with bitter water not coming from the River of Life but from the River of Death. This bitter tree bears bitter fruit. But with love in your heart and humility as your garment, submitting to a wicked leader purifies the working atmosphere. Because of your shining spirit, controlling demons go away. If these demons won't leave the person, the wicked person with his demons will leave because the light in you drives out darkness.

A Christian leader controlled by the Holy Spirit manages people with love and discipline. He knows how to usher people in knowing and obeying the command and principle of the Lord. He moves in authority and command with gentleness, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, patience, self-control, peace, love and joy (Gal 5:22). People under his command obey because of the Holy Spirit's conviction and fear of God rather than fear of man.

Discipline is not Jezebelic Control

The word Jezebelic comes from the name of Jezebel, a heathen queen who used her authority to intimidate, threaten, force, and kill subordinates for her selfish end ( . Jezebelic control is a term used to describe a self-serving person in authority controlling others by intimidation, threat, or force to do something evil, wicked or sinful.

Indeed discipline controls. It defines and sets parameters and restrictions. It limits direction, behavior, attitude and action. One who imposes discipline may also use force and threat. However, the aim is not selfish but to produce righteousness and holiness.

Disciplinarian accused as Jezebelic

The resistant and rebellious tend to accuse the disciplinarian as Jezebelic and controlling. This is false accusation. And the spirits perpetrating this evil has instigated resentment and rebellion among members, workers, intercessors, worship team members and the pastoral staff. Many churches have gone through pain and devastation because of uprising in her ranks. Church leaders and members separate. Their unresolved issues and wounds infect others around them. With their tongue and pen, their resentment and bitterness spread in uncontrollable proportions. Christians in other Churches receive the bad report. They don’t even know the people involved but because they have inclined their ears to hear them, the report poisons them like toxic residing in their soul. If unchecked, this becomes a cancer cell eventually damaging their mind and attitude towards Churches or Christians.

In aiming for righteousness and holiness, the leaders of any generation who apply strong measures of discipline see resentment and rebellion among its rank. They come from those who refuse to abide by the rules and protocol set by leadership. They cause division and splits. Slander and accusations spring up. Because of mutiny, the Church becomes a virtual battleground. Disillusioned members defect to other Churches and this hurts even Jesus and his Church.

Causes of Resistance to Discipline

It is human nature to resist what is uncomfortable. Many became Christians and found comfort in Christ. So this comfort becomes a treasured possession of any believer so that when somebody takes it away, he is suspected as not coming from God.

Love, grace and mercy are the most popular treasures in Christianity while discipline has become an infamous treasure in the Church. Discipline has caused discomfort in many forms. It hurts particularly when drastic measures are applied to change attitude, behavior and action. But a Christian sincerely in love with the Lord and hungers for righteousness would not resent nor resist discipline and any uncomfortable situations requiring determination to bear fruit. But this principle is not a reality to some Christians who claim to love God so much yet resist discipline. There are Christians who are hurting and resentful of discipline. They move out of their local Church and slander their pastors and leaders.

Resistance to discipline then is coming from an unwillingness to give up a personal issue, purpose, attitude, and behavior to the leadership imposing the discipline. God does not approve of this attitude. This attitude is a form of pride and arrogance. A humble Christian must be willing to toe the line.

Leo Calderon

modified 12/07/03 11:41 AM