A humbling experience of Bob:

Hi Leo, my name is Bob and I had something happen to me a while back that really brought me face to face with reality and it really humbled me. I correspond with men in prison who are on death row. At first I had a tendency to be rather judgemental of these men. After all we are talking about convicted killers here. So I wrote a rather lengthly letter to a man and I told him of his need for God and sprinkled scripture verses throughout the letter. My letter was very critical of this man's actions and now as I look back I can really see that it was....anyway to cut a long story short this man wrote me back a letter that really humbled me....his letter consisted of only one sentence, but it brought home a point that even 10 pages of my carefully thought out and written letter was unable to do.....This was his
letter to me in its entirety.....

Dear Bob,

Do you really feel that my sins drove the nails any deeper into Jesus' flesh than yours did??

Do I need to go any further? This man put me rightfully in my place. I still write this man and he is one of my best friends. Still on death row but he is one of the holiest, most God Fearing men I have ever met.

I have one more brief story and this I think is more an example of faith but I assure you this man I shall speak of was also a very humble man.....I work with the homeless in my hometown and one day I picked up one man who was in very distressing shape. I took him out to lunch with me and after I bought him his meal he bowed his head and said Grace to God, then he looked up at me and said, “ Thank You....” To which I replied, “ No problem...I see you are a believer....” To which he replied, “ O yes you better believe it...If it wasn't for the Lord, I would really be in bad shape!!! I can only hope to someday have that kind of faith....”

By the way Leo, this is a fantastic site you have here. I think humility is one virtue that is lacking in this day and age and it is one of the hallmarks I believe of a true Christian.....May God Bless you in all you do....keep up the good work. I am telling all my friends about your site here......



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