The world protects its rights. This is human and humane. But our God revealed an entirely different philosophy. He created humans but does not think like them. As a matter of fact, he wants us to think like him, feel like him, emote like him, speak like him, be like him, one with him. Yet the distinction is that he is God and we are not. Unbelievable but true. The question is: how can we grasp the thoughts of the unseen God who dwells in heaven? Simple but some intellectuals mock simplicity as they are hard pressed in their attempt to discover and comprehend the mind and ways of God.

Rights come in many form and its essence is in the preservation of freedom to be, to do, to have and to live. There is nothing ungodly about rights because freedom and rights are close to the purposes of God. God has given these rights in principle and what we have and practice on earth are our human interpretations on what is right. Man formulated his political rights to govern his territory and its people. Man has to define parameters of what is politically right or wrong. Due to the different views of tribes, languages and nations, rights differ from one nation to another.

Our political, religious and moral rights have become our false security so that when this is threatened, reactions are varied. There are different levels of violent reactions, active or passive resistance, and loud or quiet resentments. Is this right? It is politically right but biblically wrong !

When our rights are taken, would you resent and/or resist?

A Jesus-loving person must not. Not ever. Why not?

In the world, human eyes look at the rights as a treasured possesion. It can go further to tribal disputes, civil wars and to world wars. The world rallies to protect its rights but the Lord rallies his people to die to their rights which is farfetched to politically intelligent human beings, a creation of the Living God.

His own tribe took his right to live, but without resentment nor resistance, he humbly allowed them to take his rights from him but they couldn't take his life. They took his rights but he gave his life willingly, not to them but to the Father. This man is Jesus.

Leo Calderon

modified 12/07/03 11:41 AM