The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful. Prov.12:22 NIV

Humility speaks truth

Humility is truth. It communicates truth with truth. When truth must be withheld, it uses truth to withhold it. In principle, the intentions and methods of humility is truth.

Lying is withholding truth by resorting to falsehood in any form inspite of good intentions. This is sin.

Withholding truth with truth and without falsehood due to fear of God is wisdom. This is not sin. Sometimes, God himself withholds truth from us when we are not ready to handle them in righteousness and love. Sometimes, children are not ready to handle certain truth so it is temporarily withheld from them. This situation is not lying. But failure to reveal truth at the proper time could trigger devastating effects. A christian who is always in tune with the leading of the Holy Spirit could not miss God's timing and methods in withholding or revealing truth.

Deception or truth has many forms:

o language

o looks

o behavior

o smell

o taste

o feelings & emotions

Why a person tells a lie

Fear! When afraid or ashamed of the consequences of truth, a person tells a lie. Those who dare tell the truth are those who are not afraid of the consequences, even when it costs their honor, career, wealth or even their lives.


Liars are cowards. A person who is afraid of truth will tell a lie. He who fears truth actually fears the consequences of rejection, discipline or punishment. Liars are all out to deceive and make impressions that they are truthful. They put up a front of being courageous and confident. These people are deceived so they also deceive. Their father is the devil, the master liar (John 8:44). Fear cripples the confidence and courage of a person to step on the waters by faith.

Sometimes, God's rhema and logos is clear but the devil sends a chilling air that spells fear. In a certain atmosphere, demonic messages of pain, rejection and perhaps death stir a wild imagination. This drives a coward to tell a lie. Some struggling Christians are in this situation.


Some beggars resort to innovative deception. Their looks, language and behavior must stir compassion and generosity. This is a demonic spell that lures the compassionate and generous. The Christian who does not move by discernment easily falls prey to these vultures. Street beggars may be small time traps but beware of the con men and organized crime syndicates who prey on generous and compassionate Christians. They come with that spell as ambassadors of the wicked and selfish hierarchy of Satan to siphon your wealth so that it will not be used for God's purpose and glory. To the generous, the devil wants you to give to wrong recipients so that it will frustrate your kindness and trample your pearls. But God wants you to give to those he has chosen so that your giving is an answer to their prayers and God is glorified ( 2 Cor.9:12 NIV). Not to miss angels or lost sheep posing as beggars, it is wisdom to test their spirits. Do not shell out cash or kind without entertaining and probing them as you sense their spirits. Learn to be sensitive in the spirit realm. Distinguish lying spirits, language, looks, and behavior.

Making wrong oaths or covenants of keeping secrets

Among friends, sharing or listening to negative information about others end up in rashly making oath of keeping secrets. This is dangerous. Though it is not entirely wrong to be involved with keeping classified information, negative issues on people must be avoided where God has not appointed you to help or to solve. To contain them is like keeping garbage in your memory bank. This is defiling. If you are in this situation, it is best to dump it in hell and wage warfare against wicked forces assaulting the victims of rumors and slander. Then intercede. Intercession is a solution-oriented intimacy with God. This is uploading your file to God who knows how to handle it. Then you and others will be set free.

For couples, it is not wise to enter into a covenant of keeping secrets that excludes your spouse. If you have been trapped in this scenario, repent that you did not refuse the oath. Correct it with the person who shared the information; correct it also with your spouse. Keep in mind the one-flesh relationship with your spouse so that you will be alert in avoiding situations among friends that might violate this principle wherever you are.

Casual conversations sometimes open the door to harmful secrets where the sharer seals it with an oath from you to keep it. Due to lack of awareness on the implications of the issues plus the attachment established with your friend, you agree to keep it confidential. Be alert. Connect with God. Get off the hook of keeping wrong secrets. It hooks you to the devil.

Learn to discern liars

Some quiet and soft spoken people are liars. Most of them are very religious, influential and well respected by their community. When they speak, most people believe them. because they have already laid down first impressions of truth for sometime. This is how the devil works. He tempted Jesus by presenting truth to accomplish his evil plans. Innocent people fall into their trap. Of course, there are also those who are loud and are liars. These people are proud of being liars and they incite other people who share the same sentiments with them. They are the pity-party organizers and spearheaders of the devil in casting the first stone.

Benefit of the Doubt

Humility does not give the benefit of the doubt, because doubt is not a benefit but a curse coming from the mouth of Satan. The serpent caused Eve to doubt. Causing people to doubt is a demonic strategy to destroy trust. The right approach to give room for maintaining trust on a trustee is to check it out with God. Doubt to the informer or rumor is ignoring the issue. Confronting the issue is not believing the rumor but is sealing off deceptions and lies attempting to destroy relationships. Therefore, It must be called: the benefit of the trust..

Leo & Zeny Calderon

modified 12/07/03 11:41 AM