Prov 18:2 NIV. A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his own opinions.

Opinions are intellectual guesses of human beings. They are the product of the soul which could not perceive spiritual matters. Usually, opinions are fabrications of acquired information containing past and present observations stored in our memory bank. To use them as guidance might bring inaccurate results because it is God who must guide us. Let God guide us in our hearing relationship with him. Though digging the past might be helpful in the study of patterns, it should not be used in making judgment because it does not contain current situations or realities that are unseen by mere observation.

Though it is humility to regard others as having better opinions, we must aim to hear and obey God's voice. As we reach the intimate level of easily getting the rhema word of God, gathering opinions eventually become boring and dysfunctional. In our interaction with others, we must meekly let them air their opinion to us; but, wisely, not allow them to dictate our moves. Humility is not having the mentality or attitude of letting good or bad opinions happen without praying against it. To prevent others from interpreting our attitude as indifferent or proud, the Holy Spirit must take control of everything in our lives: aim, mentality, emotions, behavior, etc. He is our perfect balance.

On scriptures, man may have good ideas and intelligent interpretations rather than insights coming from the mind of Christ. These ideas and interpretations of the soul based on human knowledge and wisdom are quite opposite to the thoughts and leading of the Lord. Hence, it is always safe and sound to pursue God's rhema word rather than take men's intelligent opinion as authority. Ideas and thoughts would be regarded precious only when they are coming from the mind of Christ.

Effects of Opinion

If you could dig out the roots of some opinions, you might see that they have the color of fear not faith. Opinions are hindrances in receiving revelations from God. Since revelation comes into our mind, loud and aggressive opinions dull our ability to hear clearly from God. In receiving revelations, it is best to silence opinions. Let us not waste our time drawing opinions from the soul; but spend time in drawing revelations from the Spirit. We may ask others: What is God saying to you ?

Hear God's voice

A Christian who hears God's voice must not dwell on opinions but must seek God's mind. God wants that His thoughts become our thoughts, his emotions become our emotions, His plans become our plans, His works become our works, His joy become our joy. In John 12:20-26, Jesus prayed for us believers that we may be one with him and with the Father. We must therefore get the thoughts of God by hearing His voice. We must not dwell in our opinions or on the opinions of others. Get the opinion of God if you may. God wants to speak to us anytime and reveal His thoughts to us. He is always available for us to talk and listen to. Therefore, opinions would be regarded as garbage fit to be consumed by God’s fire. That fire is God’s revealed word (Jeremiah 23:29). God wants us to move by faith and not by sight (2 Cor 5:7), by his thoughts not our thoughts.

Therefore, our moves should not be guided by plans and analyses based on our observations and information intelligently arranged and detailed by the ability of our mind. Faith is getting and receiving a rhema and logos word from God (Rom 10:17). That word is the knowledge and wisdom that is stored in your mind that moves you to obey the Lord. That revealed word from God is not called an opinion but a command that requires obedience. That is humility.

Leo & Zeny Calderon

modified 12/07/03 11:41 AM